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Replacement DPF Solution
Replacement DPF Solution

SINSPEED – DPF Removal, EGR Removals, ECU Remapping

DPF Problems? –    Check Out Our DPF Removal Services!

Sinspeed is the fastest growing and one of the worlds leading automotive parts remanufacturers, repairing all types of car parts from ABS Pumps, Turbochargers & Air Conditioning Compressors to specialist services like DPF Removal, EGR Removal, ECU Remapping and much more. We have supported garages, main dealers, other remanufacturing shops and many resellers as well as consumers for many years. We have a current client database of 27,000 trade customers in the UK alone.

From hydraulic & electronic engineers, to motor mechanics and automotive technicians – we have the capabilities to remanufacture and even modify some of the most common failing parts to meet and exceed OEM standards.

We have the latest ‘cutting edge’ technology and our team of highly trained and experienced engineers are involved in Research and Development, design and manufacture of test equipment and reverse engineering of units, allowing us to provide solutions where others fail.

All parts used in our remanufacturing process meet & exceed OEM standards. Our turnaround is fast and quality is second to none, in fact we’re so confident in our repairs we now offer most parts with a Lifetime Warranty.

We’re also the UK’s first DPF Removal Specialists, removing the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) from all makes and models. If you have a DPF Problem, we can remove the DPF and disable the DPF functions from the ECU to ensure you will never have a DPF Problem again. At the same time, we can Remap your engine ECU to enhance the power & performance of the engine whilst simultaneously increasing the fuel economy of the vehicle.

If you’re a business or an individual looking to get into the tuning industry – we’re offering you the opportunity to sign-up and become a part of our team as a Sinspeed Approved Dealership in your area. To find out more, contact us today!

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