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Mercedes E250 (W212) 2.2CDI BlueEfficiency 204Bhp Complete DPF Removal Session

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Mercedes E250CDI BlueEfficiency Blocked DPFMercedes E250 2.2CDI BlueEfficiency DPF Problems
After a solid 6 months of research we have finally released our permanent solution for all DPF related issues with the Mercedes E250 2.2CDI (W212). We are without doubt the first company in the UK and in fact in the whole of Europe to have successfully cracked the software on the Delphi DCM3.5 CRD2.61 Engine ECU and carried out a completely custom DPF Removal Session without problems.

To our knowledge there has been no company that can offer a DPF Removal Service on this vehicle to date and we have now as of last week successfully carried out a fully custom DPF Removal Session with a 100% success rate on three of these vehicles and with great results.

The Mercedes E250 2.2CDI BlueEfficiency is really a great car but a complete nightmare for customers when the DPF fails because until now, there has been no company in the whole of Europe that could correctly remove the DPF from the software inside the ECU. The Mercedes E250 2.2CDi BlueEfficiency is factory fitted with a Delphi DCM3.5 CRD2.61 ECU and until now no company was able to successfully download the data from the ECU, recognise all the maps and manually decrypt the data and switch off the DPF & Regeneration functionality.

We have worked long and hard for the last 6 months on this ECU type and have now finally released our most permanent combinated solution which will de-activate the DPF system and cancel out all regeneration processes. This solution will enhance the vehicles performance and give added fuel economy gains as well as eliminate any future DPF related issues.

Once the DPF fails on the Mercedes E250CDI you will experience warning signs, some of the more common ones are listed below:

  • Engine Management Light On (EML)
  • DPF Warning Light On
  • Loss of Power (Limp Mode)
  • Vehicle Smoking & Juddering
  • Poor Fuel Consumption

You may not experience all the above symptoms, it depends on how blocked your DPF is but if you have got any of the above then it’s best to correct the DPF issues before they get worse – otherwise, you could end up spending £1000’s repairing other parts which can get damaged as a direct result to ignoring a blocked DPF. For example, if your DPF is blocked and you continue to drive the vehicle around town, then you can expect the excess back pressure in the exhaust to weaken the seals on the turbocharger and clog up your EGR valve.

Removing Mercedes E250CDI DPF FiltersSinspeeds Custom Mercedes E250CDI DPF Removal Solution
If you have a Mercedes E250CDI BlueEfficiency with a DPF problem, then contact us today and find out about our completely custom DPF removal session – it is a completely bespoke and permanent 4-stage solution which we offer with a free Smoke-Correction service to ensure that even after the DPF is removed, your vehicle will not excessively smoke as a direct result of the DPF being removed.

Once the DPF is removed, you can expect the following:

  • Increased Power & Performance
  • Increased Throttle Response
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Increased Life Expectancy Of Turbocharger
  • Increased Life Expectancy Of Engine
  • No More DPF-Related Problems
  • No More DPF Regenerations
  • No More DPF Errors + Warning Lights
  • No More Limp Mode (Loss of Power)

After your DPF is removed there is no need to continue driving it in any specific way i.e. motorway miles. You can drive your vehicle how you wish, be it around town to pick-up the kids or just down to your local supermarket – without ever having to worry about the dreaded DPF.

Sinspeed is a nationwide company and having done over 7000+ DPF Removals on all types of vehicles since 2007, we were the first UK Registered DPF Removal Company and are by far the most experienced and largest DPF Removal Specialists in the UK. There are many companies now, new ones popping up every day claiming to have been around for years, saying they’re professionals and making bold warranty claims with guaranteed MOT’s but the truth is if you dig a little deeper you will find that 99% of these companies are in fact operating illegally in the UK. We know this because they are not UK registered companies paying taxes and therefore if your car was to inherit a fault in the future, you have no way to ever claim any warranties against their so-called company – because they do not even exist.

Sinspeed is the ONLY company in the UK to offer a Free Smoke-Correction service with every single DPF Removal session. This is something that is bespoke to our company, thanks to our in-house developed technology and there is no other company across the UK that can offer this service.

A new DPF Filter (Diesel Particulate Filter) will range from £800-1500 (+Labour & VAT) and will come with a limited 1 year warranty and a service life of 70,000 – 120,000 miles. We can remove the entire DPF system for a fraction of this cost and guarantee that will be the end of all DPF related problems for the lifetime of the vehicle.

For more information and a free quote, call us today on 0844 847 9999 or alternatively send us an email.

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  • Dear Sir, having dpf problems with My 2012 Model E220 Cdi.. Have changed The Mass Air flow sensor And Fuel Filter And Now Have been Told My Dpf pressure sensor Needs changing!! Have been advised About removing Dpf altogether But Not sure. Could you advise please. . Many thanks, Imran

    • Hi Imran

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      We have sent you an email, please respond with your postal/zip code for a customised quotation.

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