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We stock 1000’s of new and reconditioned air conditioning compressors (air con pumps) for all makes & models. We can also supply air conditioning condenser units and other air conditioning parts if required. All reconditioned air conditioning compressors are repaired using genuine OE components to ensure all rebuilds meet & exceed OE specifications. All our aircon pumps come with a 12 month warranty.

Below are some of the common failing air conditioning compressors we have in stock. For a quote, call today on 0844 847 9999.

02 May, 14

Calsonic Kansei CSE613C Air Conditioning (Aircon) Compressor – BMW

Calsonic CSE613C BMW Aircon Compressor Fault

The Calsonic Kansei CSE613C air conditioning compressor (aircon pump) is a unit found fitted to a variety of BMW vehicles. When the air con pump fails, you may not get any warning lights on the dash but pressing the air conditioning button will have no effect or make an usual noise - depending on how the unit failed. Common Faults Associated With Air Conditioning Pumps Compressor Clutch Not Engaging No Cold Air (Even After Re-filling Aircon Gas) Grinding Noise When…

22 Mar, 14

Sanden PXE16 Air Conditioning (Aircon) Compressor – Audi / Seat / Skoda / Volkswagen (VW)

Sanden PXE16 Aircon Not Working

Air Conditioning Compressor Problems The Sanden PXE16 air conditioning compressor (aircon pump) is a very common failing part and one of our best sellers because this common failing aircon pump is fitted to a wide range of VAG group cars. When this aircon pump fails, it just stops working - it is very rarely that you will notice a change in the sound of your engine running or any warning lights on the dashboard. The only way you'll see it's failed…

12 Jun, 10

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 Air Conditioning Compressor Faults

VW Golf Mk5 Aircon Compressor

It's become very common for the Volkswagen Golf Mk5 air-con compressors to stop working. This is due to a lack of lubrication within the mechanical unit and basically a manufacturing defect. Although Volkswagen acknowledge this manufacturing defect, whether or not they'll replace it under an extended warranty in goodwill is questionable. What we do know, however, is that an air conditioning compressor never just fails, there is always a root cause and in this case it's unfortunate to be a…