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Electronic Ignition Switches

Ignition Switch Problems and Repair

We can fully test and remanufacture some of the most common failing electronic ignition switches (EIS / EZS) modules. We can recode and repair these units and fully back all our repairs with a Lifetime warranty.

25 Nov, 12

Mercedes EIS Repair – EZS Immobiliser Key Module – ESL + KEY Repair Service

Mercedes-Benz EIS / EZS Testing + Repairs

Mercedes EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch) Modules The Mercedes EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch) system is great in theory, the hardware being the switch is like a small socket in the dash to insert your key into - only, it is not a traditional looking key. It is more like a plastic lego-brick with what looks like an infra-red panel at the face of it which is inserted into the EIS socket on the dash. The key has a sequential code to…