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Electronic Ignition Switches

Ignition Switch Problems and Repair

We can fully test and remanufacture some of the most common failing electronic ignition switches (EIS / EZS) modules. We can recode and repair these units and fully back all our repairs with a Lifetime warranty.

25 Nov, 12

Mercedes EIS Repair – EZS Immobiliser Key Module – ESL + KEY Repair Service

Mercedes-Benz EIS / EZS Testing + Repairs

Sinspeed EIS Repair Services Welcome to Sinspeed's Mercedes-Benz EIS Repair Service. We specialise in repairing and replacing faulty EIS units for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our team of experienced technicians have years of experience in diagnosing and repairing EIS units, and we use only the latest diagnostic equipment and software to ensure that your EIS unit is repaired to the highest standard. Furthermore, we extend our service to the testing and repair of the Mercedes-Benz ESL (Electronic Steering Lock) and Key too!…