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Gearbox Repairs / Rebuilds

We have been rebuilding gearboxes for over 30 years and have a team of 6 gearbox engineers with over 80 years combined experience. We use new genuine OEM components when repairing gearboxes to ensure each and every rebuilt gearbox meets & exceeds OE specifications. All of our reconditioned gearboxes come with a 2 Year unlimited mileage warranty and free fitting.

Below are just some of the common failing gearboxes we frequently rebuild. For a quote, call today on 0203 815 9441.

02 Apr, 24

Audi A1 DSG Gearbox ECU Repair

Sinspeed's Solution: Restoring Your Audi A1 with DSG Gearbox ECU Repair When your Audi A1 encounters gearbox troubles, Sinspeed steps in to provide the solution. Let's delve into how our expertise can resolve issues with the DSG Gearbox ECU in your vehicle and the common problems that you may experience if your DSG gearbox is faulty. Identifying the Problem Your Audi A1 may exhibit symptoms such as an inability to shift gears, illuminated EPC lights, and flashing gear symbols. Despite…

20 Jun, 14

Common M20 / M32 Gearbox Bearing Failures – Repairs & Rebuilds

M20 / M32 Gearbox Bearing Noisy

M20 / M32 Manual Gearbox Problems The M20 and M32 Manual 6-speed gearboxes are extremely common failures and are fitted to a variety of vehicles including Vauxhalls, Alfa Romeo's and Fiats. The most common problem is worn and noisy bearings which cause the gearbox to whine in certain gears. The noisy bearing may be more audible in some gears then others. A noisy gearbox when treated quickly is not that bad a problem, we can generally re-bearing the box and…

20 Jun, 14

Mercedes B-Class Manual Gearbox Repairs + Rebuilds

Mercedes B Class Gearbox Problems

Mercedes B Class Manual Gearbox Problems The Mercedes B Class 5-speed manual gearbox is similar to the one fitted to the smaller Mercedes A-Class. The gearboxes are actually built to a very high quality and are quite robust so normally when they begin to fail it's just because the bearings are worn out and need replacing. It's always best to get the gearbox repaired sooner rather than later to avoid the bearings collapsing and causing further more expensive damage. Below…

22 May, 14

Renault Master + Traffic (PF6) Reconditioned Gearboxes – Repairs & Rebuilds

Reconditioned Gearboxes For Renault PF6

Renault Master & Traffic (PF6) Reconditioned Gearboxes problemsThe Renault Master and Renault Traffic (PF6) manual gearboxes (5-speed and 6-speed) are known for wearing out all their bearings - not just one or two.¬†Worn bearings are not the end of the world but when ignored and driven into the ground, the bearings can collapse, and the cost of repairs can rise depending on the extent of damage. We can repair your gearbox by replacing damaged components or offer a fully rebuilt…

22 May, 14

Peugeot 206 1997-2007 Manual Gearbox Repairs + Rebuilds

Peugeot 206 Reconditioned Gearbox

Peugeot 206 Manual Gearbox Problems The Peugeot 206 5-Speed manual gearbox is one of our top sellers in our reconditioned gearbox range. We particularly get a lot of enquiries for the 1.1L - 1.4L variants from 1997 - 2007. The most common failure we've seen with this type of gearbox is the front bearing failing and oil contamination on the clutch. This would cause clutch-slip and a slight noise on idle, which disappears when the clutch is depressed. Common Peugeot…

10 May, 14

Fiat Punto 5 Speed Manual Gearbox Repairs + Free Fitting

Fiat Punto Gearbox Rebuilds

Fiat Punto 5 Speed Manual Gearbox Problems One of the most common failing gearboxes we recondition is found fitted to the Fiat Punto. This common failing 5-Speed Manual Gearbox has many weak points, we see these boxes fail and come in with various problems including: Front Bearing Failure (Lay-Gear / Input shaft), Worn Out Gears and Gear Hubs, Pinion Bearing Failure, Crown Wheel Failure and so on. We upgrade the components when rebuilding the Fiat Punto gearbox, some of which…

10 May, 14

Reconditioned Gearboxes Supplied & Fitted

Manual Gearbox Repairs

Reconditioned Gearboxes - Repairs & Rebuilds Manual gearbox faults are very common and can become a problem on any vehicle. Some vehicles are known for their weak gearboxes such as the BMW Mini with the Midland Gearbox or the Fiat Punto 1.2l 5-Speed gearbox. Here at Sinspeed, we offer reconditioned gearboxes that can be supplied and fitted as an alternative yet more affordable solution to replacing your gearbox which as you know, can be very costly! We have been rebuilding…