Become a Sinspeed Agent

Benefits of becoming a Sinspeed Approved Dealership

  • Minimal overheads
  • Recession proof business
  • Work from home
  • Be your own boss
  • Earn up to £400 Profit per hour

Speciall Offer

(Retail Value Of £1500!)


Sinspeed is looking for 50 businesses & individuals to come on-board and become a part of our team.

By becoming a Sinspeed Approved Dealership in your area, we will provide you with all the equipment and training you will need to offer specialist services such as:

  • – Engine ECU Remapping (+Mobile ECU Remapping)
  • – DPF Removal Services
  • – EGR Removal Services
  • – Speed Limiter Removals
  • – Hot-Start Programming
  • – Anti-Lag Tuning Services
  • – And More…!!

We’re currently seeing on average 1200+ UK visitors daily to our website seeking our products and services (74% of those visitors are looking for ECU Remapping, DPF Removals + EGR Removal services). Our main workshops are in London, however we often travel up to 200 miles to our customers to offer bespoke mobile remapping and egr / dpf removal services. Once we have a Sinspeed approved dealership in a particular area, we won’t travel there but instead we will direct all enquiries to the respective Sinspeed Approved Dealership of that area.

What does this mean for you?

  • Exclusive rights to customer enquiries in your area
  • Our systems will forward enquiries in your area to you
  • You will appear on our Locations page for customers to contact you directly

You will also benefit from advertising yourself in your local area, we do a lot of advertising and marketing for you but nothing is as effective as word of mouth!


What will I receive as a Sinspeed Approved Dealership?

  • KESSv2 Remapping Equipment
  • Full Training & Support
  • Email + Telephone Support
  • Promotion Pack
  • Website
  • FREE Advertising

Become a Sinspeed Approved Dealership

Minimum Requirements

  • 18yrs+ of age and a full UK drivers license.
  • Automotive & Mechanical Knowledge (Basic understanding required)