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04 Sep, 19

Can A Cracked Engine Block Be Fixed?

When it comes to your vehicle, there are some components that are easy to fix and some that are not so simple fixes. For example, if you have worn brake pads, you can simply replace them. However, having a faulty or cracked engine block… now that’s something you might worry about. Some would say that it’s the end of the world, however, this is not always the case as it depends on the severity of the damage. Below we will…

21 Aug, 19

Car Engine Running Rich – What Are The Common Symptoms?

When you think about mixtures, whether it’s for a cake or for a chemistry experiment, there will almost always be a set amount of each material needed to create the expected end result. Any deviations from that set amount could result in either a botched up cake or an explosive chemical reaction.   Similarly, the ratio of fuel and air in the engine’s combustion process is referred to as the vehicle’s fuel mixture and there is a certain amount of…

14 Aug, 19

The Different Colours Of Car Exhaust Smoke Explained

Maintaining your vehicle can become quite tedious at times… especially since there are so many components that could possibly develop a problem and fail. The exhaust is a component that’s hidden at the back of your vehicle, so you may forget that it needs maintenance too. Like the saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind’.   However, your exhaust is an essential part of your vehicle and it’s important to ensure that it is working effectively. One way to…

02 Aug, 19

Does My Petrol Car Have A Particulate Filter?

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) have been around for a long time, however, after some recent research, some car manufacturers are now beginning to install petrol particulate filters, also known as gasoline particulate filters (GPF) and otto particulate filters (OPF), in some of their car models.   It was never really believed that petrol engines release harmful exhaust gases, however, during recent years, this idea has changed. The recent studies also show that large diesel vehicles emit up to 10 microns…

23 Jul, 19

What Is An ABS Pump + How Does It Work?

Teves MK70 ABS ECU Repairs

The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) & How It Works The Anti-Lock Braking System or Anti-Skid Braking System is commonly abbreviated as ABS and is an advanced braking technology installed on motor vehicles to prevent the wheels from locking up (ceasing motion) and skidding uncontrollably. It does so by pulsating the braking force delivered to the rear wheels and the front wheels similar to threshold braking, which is a technique commonly used in motor racing and the idea is to control…

15 Jul, 19

What Are Common Brake Wear Indicators?

Signs Of Brake Wear & Tear

The braking system in our vehicles is being constantly used and it continues to serve its purpose of slowing down and stopping our vehicles… However, this type of trust with our brakes comes with a responsibility; they do the work for you, as long as you maintain them! That means maintaining all of its components, specifically the brake pads and discs…   What are Brake pads? Essentially, the braking system in a car consists of a brake disc/rotor, a brake…

06 Jul, 19

Spark Plug Condition: How To Diagnose Engine Issues

Spark Plug Condition: How To Diagnose Engine Problems

What Are Spark Plugs? A spark plug is a device that is designed to transmit an electrical signal to the engine, in order to ignite the mixture of air and fuel. Without a working spark plug, your car wouldn’t be able to start up if it runs on petrol/gasoline. The plugs are located within the cylinder heads in the engine and they are controlled by the engine control unit (ECU) via spark plug leads, also known as HT leads and…

07 Mar, 19

The Importance of Your Temperature Gauge

Your vehicle temperature gauge has a very important job. Your vehicle temperature gauge has a very important job. It is there to inform you of the temperature of your engine while it is running. The gauge is located by the top of your vehicle’s dashboard and measures whether your engine coolant is cool, normal or overheating. Other than normal, a measure of cool or overheating on your temperature gauge is important and can be indicators of the condition of your…

01 Mar, 19

How To: Replace Your Car’s Exhaust System

how to change car exhaust system

Your car’s exhaust system is more than just the visible parts of your car, like the exhaust pipe but is an intricate system of compartments and pipes that extend to all over your car, beginning with the car engine and ending at the exhaust pipe at the back of the vehicle. The five components of this system are the exhaust manifold, oxygen sensor, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter and a silencer which are normally found in modern vehicles today. And as…

28 Feb, 19

Product Recall: Audi A4 and A5 with Faulty Airbag Bolts

defective audi airbags

Since the use of airbags became a standard component in modern vehicles, they have continued to prove that they can greatly reduce injuries that may be caused in the event of a collision. While the placement and design of airbags have evolved throughout the years, the central idea behind the device has remained the same. Airbags continue to hold the same purpose, they allow both the drivers and passengers to undergo rapid changes in speed and velocity without experiencing any…