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DPF Installations

DPF Filter Installation

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF Filters) are very expensive and in some cases copy parts are not available for newer models. We custom build DPF filters and are able to supply a DPF for any make and model of vehicle with a 12 month warranty. If your DPF has been previously removed, we can supply a custom built DPF filter and reprogram your engine ECU to accept the new DPF filter settings.

Below are some of the common DPF filters we carry in stock. For a quote, call today on 0203 815 9441.

03 Mar, 14

Replacement DPF Filters (Diesel Particulate “Particle” Filter)

DPF Filter Replacements

What is a DPF A Diesel Particulate Filter, also known as a DPF is a filter designed and integrated into the exhaust system of diesel vehicles to trap and safely remove Diesel Particulate Matter or Soot from the exhaust gasses. The aim of the DPF is to remove on average 80% of harmful toxins and lower the emissions of the diesel engine to meet with Euro standards. Regeneration is the process required to clean the DPF and is automatically carried…

08 Sep, 11

LEZ Compliant Euro Standards Type Approved DPF / FAP Installations

Type Approved Eminox DPF Filter Installations

What Is The Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) The Low Emission Zone (LEZ) was first introduced by Transport For London (TFL) in 2008 to encourage those driving heavy diesel vehicles in the Capital to become cleaner and lower their emissions. The Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) covers most parts of Greater London. In order for drivers of heavy diesel vehicles such as Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV's) and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV's) to drive within the LEZ without paying the daily charges (£100-200/day),…