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Daihatsu ABS Pump Repair

Problems with your Daihatsu ABS pump module? We have extensive experience in the repairs of all types of ABS pumps and can offer to rebuild your unit using new genuine OEM components to ensure the repairs meet & exceed OE specifications.

For more information regarding our ABS repair services, checkout our Daihatsu ABS Repair article below or call us on 0203 815 9441.

07 Mar, 14

Teves MK70 (ATE) ABS Pump Repair Service

Teves MK70 ABS ECU Repairs

The Teves MK70 (ATE) ABS unit is fitted to a wide range of modern vehicles and has similar design flaws as the earlier Teves MK60 ATE ABS pump. Both units have internally built pressure sensors with a low maximum pressure rating and have identical common failures as you can see below: Common Teves MK70 ATE ABS Pump Problems: Brake Pressure Sensor (G201) ESP / ASR / TCS / DCS (Traction) Light On ABS Light On No Communication Fault Wheel Speed…