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Mini ABS Pump Repair

We can test and repair almost all ABS pumps and the ABS modules commonly fitted to the BMW Mini are very popular for us. We rebuild the Mini ABS ECU using genuine OEM components and where possible we will uprate components to ensure each and every remanufactured ABS pump meets & exceeds OE specifications.

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19 Mar, 24

Mini Clubman Footwell Module 2006-2014 Repair Services

Mini Clubman Footwell Module

The Mini Clubman, with its distinctive design and practicality, has won the hearts of many drivers worldwide. However, like any sophisticated vehicle, it relies on intricate electrical systems to function smoothly. Among these systems, the footwell module plays a pivotal role, ensuring the seamless operation of various functions. In this article, we delve into the complexities of the Mini Clubman footwell module, exploring its functions, common issues, and how Sinspeed can provide expert repair services, particularly for models produced between…

13 Mar, 14

BMW Mini TRW ABS Pump Repair

BMW Mini ABS Pump Problems

The BMW Mini is fitted with a TRW ABS pump and is the same type of ABS module right across the range from 2001 - to present. It is a common failing part and very expensive to replace and replacement ABS pumps require coding. Common Faults: ABS Light On, Traction Light On, No Communication, Wheel Speed Sensor Faults Common Part Numbers: 15803010, 15803709, 15803711, 15803012R, 6782311, 15803010N, 54084944B, 15803010P, 678231101, 54084902D, 678457701, 54084902B, 15803010N Our Repair Service We're able to fully test and repair this type of ABS pump…