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Immobiliser Repair

Immobiliser Repairs

If you are having problems with your factory Immobiliser and Transponder box then we can help. We are able to fully bench test & repair the immobiliser box and transponder for almost all makes & model of vehicles. All of our Immobiliser repairs come with a Lifetime warranty and if required we can even decode the immobiliser to de-activate it – allowing you to start the vehicle with an un-coded key.

15 Jun, 15

BMW CAS2 Immobiliser Module Repair

CAS2 Immobiliser Module Faults

BMW CAS2 (Car Access System) Immobiliser ECU Repairs Have you been having issues with your BMW not being able to start up? Vehicle key not working? If so, it could be due to a fault with your BMW CAS2 Immobiliser module. The CAS immobiliser module (transponder box) enables the start of your BMW vehicle, as well as acting as an antitheft alarm system. A transponder chip is integrated within each vehicle key, and a coil ring is fitted around the ignition lock.…

15 Jun, 15

BMW CAS3 Immobiliser Module Repair

CAS3 Immobiliser Module Faults

BMW CAS3 (Car Access System) Immobiliser ECU Repairs Are you having ignition problems? Does your BMW vehicle not start? If so, this could be due to an issue with your CAS immobiliser module. The CAS immobiliser module (transponder box) serves as an antitheft alarm system and enables the start of BMW vehicles. Within each vehicle key there is an integrated transponder chip, and a coil ring which is fitted around the ignition lock. The transponder chip is powered by this coil from…

20 Apr, 15

BMW 5 Series E60 CAS3 Immobiliser Repair

BMW 5 Series CAS3 Immobiliser Module Testing

BMW CAS3 Immobiliser ECU Repairs The CAS3 immobiliser module (transponder box) is found fitted to BMW vehicles and is known for common faults like not allowing the vehicle to start. The CAS3 module can be a very expensive part to replace and will need programming to get it working. A common location for the immobiliser box is behind the pocket on the drivers side. If you're reading this page it's most likely because you suspect a fault with your BMW 5 Series…

23 Mar, 15

BMW 1 Series E87 CAS2 Immobiliser Repair

BMW CAS2 Immobiliser Module Testing

BMW 1 Series CAS2 Repairs The BMW 1 series has a well known problem with the CAS2 Immobiliser system. The Immobiliser box can malfunction and cause starting issues. The Immobiliser box is most commonly located on the drivers side behind the pocket and a separate transponder near the key barrel / module. If you're experiencing problems with the BMW 1 Series Immobiliser system then you may already be aware how expensive this type of fault can become. Most workshops are…