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Immobiliser Repair

Immobiliser Repairs

If you are having problems with your factory Immobiliser and Transponder box then we can help. We are able to fully bench test & repair the immobiliser box and transponder for almost all makes & model of vehicles. All of our Immobiliser repairs come with a Lifetime warranty and if required we can even decode the immobiliser to de-activate it – allowing you to start the vehicle with an un-coded key.

20 Mar, 24

Mini Cabrio 2007-2015 Footwell Module Repairs

Mini Cabrio 2007-2015 Footwell Module Repairs

In this article we’ll discuss the common challenges, identify affected models, and illuminate how our diagnostic and repair services can alleviate your concerns. Understanding Your Mini Cabrio Footwell Module The footwell module is like the control centre for your car's electronic features. It manages things like interior lights, locking the doors, and controlling the windows, so everything works smoothly while you're driving. Common Faults Dim or flickering interior lights could indicate a faulty footwell module. Flickering lights or erratic interior…

03 Feb, 24

MINI COOPER 2006-2015

mini Cooper FRM

The Mini Cooper, renowned for its stylish design and nimble performance, is equipped with advanced electronic systems to enhance the driving experience. One crucial component of these systems is the Footwell Module FRM, a vital control unit responsible for managing various functions within the vehicle. However, if the FRM doesn't work as it should, you can experience many problems within the vehicle.  Not to worry! Sinspeed is always here for you; let's first discuss the common issues with the mini…

03 Feb, 24

BMW Z4 Footwell module Repair Services

BMW Z4 Footwell module

The BMW Z4, specifically the fifth generation produced between 2008 and 2015, is a striking sports car that combines sleek design with high-performance capabilities. Among the various electronic components in the Z4, the Footwell Module FRM3 stands out as a crucial element responsible for managing various functions within the vehicle's interior. Understanding the functions of the BMW Z4 Footwell module and addressing common issues can contribute to the longevity and performance of this iconic sports car. Regular maintenance and prompt…

03 Feb, 24

BMW X5 Footwell Module Repairs

BMW X5 Footwell Module

The BMW X5 Footwell Module enhances the driving experience by managing key interior functions. While it contributes to the vehicle's advanced features, it's essential for BMW owners to be aware of potential issues. Let's dive into the common faults and fault codes of the BMW X5 FRM3 and how Sinspeed can help you to make your BMW X back on the road. Common Faults Understanding the common faults associated with your BMW X5 footwell module is crucial for timely and…

03 Feb, 24

BMW X1 FRM3 Repair Service


The BMW X1 (First Generation) manufactured between 2008 and 2015 has proven to be a reliable and popular luxury compact SUV. However, like any sophisticated vehicle, it comes with its own set of electronic components, one of which is the Footwell Module FRM3. Let's discuss the common faults with the BMW X1 footwell module. Common Faults When diagnosing issues with the BMW X1 FRM3 module, various faults can be experienced. Lighting Malfunctions Flickering lights Headlights or taillights not turning on…

30 Jan, 24

BMW 3 Series FRM3 Footwell Module Repair Service

BMW 3 Series FRM3

The BMW 3 Series is a symbol of luxury, performance, and innovation. The 5th generation, produced from 2004 to 2013, introduced several advancements in design and technology. One crucial component that played a significant role in the vehicle's functionality is the Footwell Module FRM3. The BMW 3 Series FRM3 plays a vital role in the performance of your BMW/MINI vehicles. Common Faults Of BMW 3 Series FRM3 When it comes to the Footwell Module FRM3 in the BMW 3 Series…

30 Jan, 24

BMW & BMW Mini Footwell Module Fault (FRM3) Repair Service


Summary: Is your beloved BMW or BMW Mini playing hide-and-seek with its footwell module (FRM3)? Fear not, in this article we will discuss everything related to BMW Mini Footwell Module, including causes symptoms, affected vehicles, common part numbers & how we can help! If your car's been acting up, throwing a tantrum with its lights, windows, or other electronic wizardry, fear not! Our repair wizards specialize in the mystical arts of FRM3 resurrection, casting away those pesky malfunctions and restoring…

30 Jan, 24

BMW 1 series FRM3 Footwell Module Repairs

BMW 1 series

Summary: BMW, is a renowned luxury vehicle that blends performance, style, and innovation. This page entails all the details including common faults, fault codes, part number & how Sinspeed can help you! Like any complex machinery, BMW cars are susceptible to electronic issues, and one common problem faced by owners of the 1 Series (1st generation, pre-facelift) model from 2006-2007 is the Footwell Module (FRM3) fault. The Footwell Module (FRM3) The Footwell Module (FRM) in a BMW vehicle is an…

15 Jun, 15

BMW CAS2 Immobiliser Module Repair

CAS2 Immobiliser Module Faults

BMW CAS2 (Car Access System) Immobiliser ECU Repairs Have you been having issues with your BMW not being able to start up? Vehicle key not working? If so, it could be due to a fault with your BMW CAS2 Immobiliser module. The CAS immobiliser module (transponder box) enables the start of your BMW vehicle, as well as acting as an antitheft alarm system. A transponder chip is integrated within each vehicle key, and a coil ring is fitted around the ignition lock.…

15 Jun, 15

BMW CAS3 Immobiliser Module Repair

CAS3 Immobiliser Module Faults

BMW CAS3 (Car Access System) Immobiliser ECU Repairs Are you having ignition problems? Does your BMW vehicle not start? If so, this could be due to an issue with your CAS immobiliser module. The CAS immobiliser module (transponder box) serves as an antitheft alarm system and enables the start of BMW vehicles. Within each vehicle key there is an integrated transponder chip, and a coil ring which is fitted around the ignition lock. The transponder chip is powered by this coil from…