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Mazda Instrument Cluster Repairs

Is your Mazda instrument cluster causing you issues? If you want to avoid costly replacements, we may be able to help.

We can fully test, repair and rebuild your Mazda Instrument Clusters using only genuine OEM components which meet and exceed OE specifications.

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20 May, 16

Mazda 2 (MK2) Instrument Cluster Speedo Repair

Mazda 2 Instrument Cluster Rebuilds

Mazda 2 Instrument Cluster Problems Is the speedo gauge on your Mazda 2 showing inaccurate readings or jumping? Unfortunately, the Mazda 2 instrument cluster can become faulty over time with other faults including: Speedo Gauge Judders LED Failure No Communication with the Cluster Complete Power failure Indicators Not Clicking My Mazda 2 Instrument Cluster is faulty - How Can Sinspeed Help? If you find that the instrument cluster is faulty, you will have several options. You can either  buy a complete…