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Mazda 2 (MK2) Instrument Cluster Speedo Repair

Mazda 2 Instrument Cluster RebuildsMazda 2 Instrument Cluster Problems
Is the speedo gauge on your Mazda 2 showing inaccurate readings or jumping? Unfortunately, the Mazda 2 instrument cluster can become faulty over time with other faults including:

  • Speedo Gauge Judders
  • LED Failure
  • No Communication with the Cluster
  • Complete Power failure
  • Indicators Not Clicking

Mazda 2 Instrument Cluster FaultsMy Mazda 2 Instrument Cluster is faulty – How Can Sinspeed Help?
If you find that the instrument cluster is faulty, you will have several options. You can either  buy a complete replacement part, which only generally comes with a 12-month warranty, or alternatively, you can purchase a second-hand part which normally only comes with 30-90 days warranty. However, both options can work out extremely costly to replace, especially if you are required to replace the whole unit as this will also require programming at an extra cost.

Here at Sinspeed, we are able to fully test, repair and rebuild your Mazda 2 Instrument Cluster using only genuine OEM components to ensure each rebuilt instrument cluster meets and exceeds OE specifications. It will also come with a Lifetime warranty, and will not require any coding once you receive the unit back – just plug in and play.

If you have any further enquiries, call us today on 0203 815 9441 for a free quote or further information regarding the issues with your instrument cluster, and we will be more than happy to help.

We also offer a professional fitting service if required.

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