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05 Sep, 10

Are Xenon HID Conversion Kits Road Legal?

If you're unsure about your vehicle and whether or not it would be legal for you to have a HID Conversion Kit Fitted, please call us on 0203 815 9441 and we'll go through it with you and give our honest opinion. A frequently asked question "Are Xenon HID Conversion Kits Road Legal?" and to be completely honest there is no short & simple answer at this present moment in time because currently, we rely on the information given to…

24 Aug, 10

What is the difference between Xenon HID Conversion Kits and HID Xenon bulbs?

H1 Xenon Gas Filled Bulbs

We get asked this question all the time, a customer will ring up and say "I bought a pair of Xenon HID bulbs from H******s last week but they weren't as bright as claimed on the packaging, so why should I buy your Kit and why does it cost so much more than what's available to me in H******s?" - The simple answer being, what you purchased from your local store wasn't a Xenon HID Conversion Kit but in fact…

15 Aug, 10

Which Xenon HID Conversion Kit Colour (Kelvin Temperature) To Get?

What Colour HID Kit To Get

HID Conversion Kits come in many different colour temperatures (also known as Kelvin Temperature) and is referred to as follows: 4300k, 6000k, 8000k, 10000k & 12000k. It's not so hard to understand but we'll elaborate on it a bit without getting too technical so you have a better understanding before making any purchases. Technical Overview The HID bulb will always burn pure i.e white as the bulb itself is not coloured at all, however, depending on the temperature of the…

19 Jul, 10

Common Canbus Wiring Problems When Fitting A Xenon HID Conversion Kit

We get a lot of customers who have purchased HID conversion kits from other companies or even from ebaY. Not knowing which type of kit they really need, other than the bulb size and colour temperature preference. You can find kits as cheap as £25-£50 without much struggle and an average of £60-£70 for a hid conversion kit. The problem is, if you don't know your vehicles wiring type, you may run in to many problems along the way which…

30 Jun, 10

Sinspeed Super Slim HID Conversion Kit

If you're looking to buy a HID Conversion Kit then head over to our online store! If you're unsure about what a HID conversion kit is exactly, you can read all about it here. We thought we'd blog (or brag?) about the worlds slimmest digital ballast HID conversion kit. Newer cars are becoming more & more compact and the demand is clear, people want kits they can install with ease. We love being in the spot light, the Sinspeed digital…