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Which Xenon HID Conversion Kit Colour (Kelvin Temperature) To Get?

What Colour HID Kit To Get

HID Conversion Kits come in many different colour temperatures (also known as Kelvin Temperature) and is referred to as follows: 4300k, 6000k, 8000k, 10000k & 12000k. It’s not so hard to understand but we’ll elaborate on it a bit without getting too technical so you have a better understanding before making any purchases.

Technical Overview
The HID bulb will always burn pure i.e white as the bulb itself is not coloured at all, however, depending on the temperature of the burn, the colour of the light emitted from the burn will vary. The higher the temperature, the deeper the colour but at the same time the amount of light emitted is also reduced so you have to find a balance. The best & most sought after HID bulb colour is 6000k which we refer to as Crystal White with a hint of Blue.

Below is the colour temperatures we offer:

  • 4300K – White With Yellow Tint
  • 6000K – Crystal White With Blue Tint
  • 8000K – Crystal Blue
  • 10,000K – Deep Crystal Blue
  • 12,000K – Dark Ice Blue

Sinspeed Recommended Colour
The recommended colour for all applications would be the 6000K and the best way to describe it would be to look at all the new Mercedes, Audi’s & Range Rovers coming out with OEM Xenon HID lights fitted, the light they omit is a Crystal White with a Blue Tint and our 6000K bulbs are the closest match.

We get asked all the time, what colour is classed as an MOT pass?
Blue bulbs and Red Bulbs & other colour bulbs are MOT failures because when the lights are turned off, the bulbs are still coloured. HID bulbs on the other hand, no matter what colour light they omit, the bulbs remain clear when the lights are turned off and therefore all of them can be passed through the MOT. In regards to beam patterns, you will sometimes find there is not a clear pattern but we’ve had our bulbs through several MOT’s and had no problems levelling the lights and having them omit on the road perfectly.

Another pre-sale question we’re always asked is, what colour is Road Legal?
There is not a colour specification for Road Legal HID’s as such because the bulbs themselves are clear. Also, no matter how many times a seller tells you their kit is “Road Legal” we can assure you it’s NOT. There is NO SUCH THING as a Road Legal HID Conversion Kit. Our kits are the closest to being road legal and by that we mean they are E-Marked and ISO-9000:2001 Approved  to the highest quality standards which meet & exceed the OEM specifications. To make even our kits fully road legal, your vehicle will have to comply with the following:

  • Your Vehicle Should Have Clear Headlight Lenses
  • Your Vehicle Should Have Headlight Washer Jets
  • Your Vehicle Should Have Auto-Levelling Headlights Or Suspension

If you have the above three things on your vehicle, then it is to our best knowledge that fitting a Sinspeed HID Conversion Kit will be deemed as road legal.

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