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Propshaft Repairs

Have a problem with your propshaft? We can rebuild all types of propshafts – whether it’s a failed UJ, Centre Bearing or CV, whatever the problem we can rebuild your unit using new genuine OEM components and balance it to ensure each and every propshaft is remanufactured to meet & exceed OE specifications.

Most propshafts are remanufactured within 24 – 48 hours. If you’ve got a faulty propshaft, give us a call today on 0203 815 9441

28 Jan, 16

Ford Transit Propshaft Repairs

Ford Transit Propshaft Problems

A Propeller Shaft which is commonly known as the Propshaft, runs along the underside of both Rear Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive cars, to deliver power from the engine / transmission system through to the Differential and onto the wheels. Ford Transits are generally rear wheel drives, therefore are equipped with both a propshaft as well as rear drive shafts. Common Propshaft Problems General wear and tear, light bumps or even neglect can trigger concerns with the propshaft which…

29 Oct, 15

Audi Quattro Propshaft Repair Service

Audi Quattro Propshaft Repair

Audi Quattro Propshaft Repairs The Audi quattro is a 4WD (4-Wheel Drive) vehicle where the gearbox transfers it's power through all 4 wheels via the front + rear driveshafts. The power is delivered to the rear driveshafts through the propshaft which sits in the centre of the vehicle between the gearbox and the rear differential. Common Propshaft Problems Noisy bearing Juddering on acceleration Loss of drive / power With a propshaft failure you may be quoted upwards of £900.00 +Vat &…