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Ford Transit Propshaft Repairs

Ford Transit Propshaft ProblemsA Propeller Shaft which is commonly known as the Propshaft, runs along the underside of both Rear Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive cars, to deliver power from the engine / transmission system through to the Differential and onto the wheels. Ford Transits are generally rear wheel drives, therefore are equipped with both a propshaft as well as rear drive shafts.

Common Propshaft Problems
General wear and tear, light bumps or even neglect can trigger concerns with the propshaft which can cause it to become unbalanced. Some of the more common issues that have been found to occur with Ford Transit Propshafts include:

  • Vibrations
  • Knocking / Grinding noises
  • Failed Universal Joint (UJ)
  • Failed Spicer Joint
  • Failed Bearing
  • Unbalanced Propshaft
  • Propshaft Vibrations
  • Propshaft Knocking
  • Propshaft Grinding

Any of the above symptoms can go on to damage the propshaft and a complete replacement could cost between £400.00 – £1200.00 + VAT (depending on the model of the vehicle) from a Ford dealership, and adding labour / fitting on top of that can further increase the costs. Although the genuine part will come directly from Ford and with 12-month warranty, the price of a replacement is usually still unappealing. Aftermarket options are also available as well as second hand units, but the warranty is generally limited and will not be as good quality as the genuine product.

Ignoring a propshaft failure may cause complete loss of drive but if it is caught early on, it does not have to be an expensive fix. As an alternative to the expensive replacement of a propshaft, you can trust us here at Sinspeed, to remanufacture the unit using genuine OEM components, with new joints and bearings and fully rebalance the unit to ensure it meets and exceeds OE specifications. Not only this, but it will also come with 12 month warranty to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction!

If you have a problem with your Ford Transit Propshaft, give Sinspeed a call today on 0844 8479 999 for further information!

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6 thoughts on “Ford Transit Propshaft Repairs
  • Roughly how much would it be to refurbish a mk 5 190 lwb transit propshaft.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the enquiry and many apologies for the delay in our response.

      We just need abit more information about your faulty Ford Transit Propshaft which we have requested in our email to you. If you can please respond to that, we will then be able to supply you with a more customised quote.

      Thank you in advance.

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  • How much would it cost to replace universal joints on a t31 nissan x trail 2009 reg AC58KGX please

    • Hello Steve

      Thanks for getting in touch,

      We have sent you an email with full details and pricing.

      Kind Regards


  • Hi i have a ford transit recovery truck and i have movement In the front sliding joint and it keeps wearing out the front centre bearing with The vibration is there anythig you can do to help please. Kind re gez.

    • Hello Gerald

      Thanks for getting in touch,

      We have sent you an email with full details and pricing.

      Kind Regards


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