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Audi Quattro Propshaft Repair Service

Audi Quattro Propshaft RepairAudi Quattro Propshaft Repairs
The Audi quattro is a 4WD (4-Wheel Drive) vehicle where the gearbox transfers it’s power through all 4 wheels via the front + rear driveshafts. The power is delivered to the rear driveshafts through the propshaft which sits in the centre of the vehicle between the gearbox and the rear differential.

Common Propshaft Problems

  • Noisy bearing
  • Juddering on acceleration
  • Loss of drive / power

With a propshaft failure you may be quoted upwards of £900.00 +Vat & Fitting to have a brand new part fitted by an Audi dealership. The genuine part direct from Audi will come with a 12 month warranty but at a high price. There are many aftermarket options out there and even the option of using second hand parts but the warranty is limited and the quality of aftermarket parts will never be the same as the genuine product.

Sinspeed’s Propshaft Repair Service
We can remanufacture your existing propshaft and using new genuine OEM components in the rebuild process, we can ensure that each and every rebuilt propshaft will meet & exceed OE specifications. All of our propshafts are fully balanced when being rebuilt and are returned with a 12 month warranty. We can generally repair and turnaround a remanufactured propshaft within 24-48 hours. Fitting services are also available.

If you have a faulty propshaft that needs repairing, give us a call today on 0844 847 9999.

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