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ECU Remapping

Custom ECU Remapping Repair Service

Mobile ECU Remapping services by Sinspeed can increase the performance of your vehicle by up to 50% with no additional upgrades required. We custom modify the remap bespoke to each vehicle so you get the best gains from your ECU remap. Find out today about our Mobile ECU Remapping service. Call for a quote on 0203 815 9441.

31 Jan, 13

BMW 530D E60/E61 Power & Economy ECU Remap / Diesel Chip Tuning

BMW 530D Diesel Chip Tuning

BMW 530D ECU Remapping and diesel chip tuning is an exciting way to unlock phenomenal power and the true potential from your vehicle, for both the E60 and the E61 models. As with most turbo-diesel engines you can expect both incredible power gains and at the same time experience a significant increase in fuel economy. When the BMW 530D was released from factory, the E60/E61 came in 3 power bands all restricted via the Engine ECU. No changes were made…

26 Oct, 12

Mercedes Sprinter Power & Economy ECU Remap / Diesel Chip Tuning

Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Tuning Boxes

Mercedes Sprinter ECU remapping and diesel chip tuning is an exciting way to unlock the true potential from your commercial vehicle. A majority of our customers who own a Mercedes Sprinter coming to us for a Mercedes Sprinter ECU Remap are either builders carrying heavy loads or using their vehicles for courier work with UK Mail, APC Express, Interlink and so on - requiring both power and maximum fuel economy. If you're looking for extra power to help pull the…

09 Oct, 12

Volkswagen Crafter 2.5TDi Power & Economy ECU Remap / Diesel Chip Tuning

Volkswagen Crafter Mobile ECU Remapping

Volkswagen Crafter ECU remapping and diesel engine tuning is very common. Most of our customers ask to remap their VW Crafter for more power and better performance, as well as better fuel economy. This is because they will be likely to carry a heavy load and so it will help with hill climbs and pulling power. If you're looking to unlock the extra power from your VW Crafter then contact us today and find out how we can help by…

05 Jun, 12

Mobile ECU Remapping / ECU Tuning Service

Mobile Engine ECU Remaps

Mobile ECU Remapping is a great way to get that extra horsepower safely out of your engine. Here at Sinspeed, we specialise in OBD ECU Remapping and custom remap every vehicle to ensure you get the maximum gains. This means, we can remap your cars ECU without having to remove it from the vehicle - OBD ECU Remapping will require absolutely no soldering of chips. Which means it's completely safe and reversible if ever you wanted to remove the remap. To…

06 Dec, 11

Ford Focus ST 2.5 (225BHP) Full Power Remap Service!!

Sinspeed Ford Focus 2.5 ST (225HP) Power Remap

Until now the remap for a Ford Focus ST 2.5 (225HP) was not possible. Thanks to our latest software update, we have now included the Ford Focus ST to our remap database and can offer a fully customisable Power remap, taking the 225hp engine right up to 262hp with torque gains from the standard 320Nm straight up to 392Nm. The gains are very impressive, we've done around 18-19 Focus ST's last month with each & every customer being very satisfied.…

27 Aug, 10

Mobile ECU Remapping / Engine ECU Remap / Engine Tuning Service

ECU Remap In London

ECU remapping is a great way to release more potential from your vehicle. We do this by writing to the ECU's Eprom Chip with custom tuned data to alter the fuel/air ratios, ignition timing and much more. Up until recent years, the only way to achieve this was by a technique called Chip-Tuning whereby we'd have to take out the existing Eprom chip or add a writeable chip to the PCB, one which could be read and written to by…