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Mercedes Sprinter Power & Economy ECU Remap / Diesel Chip Tuning

Mercedes Sprinter ECU TuningMercedes Sprinter ECU remapping and diesel chip tuning is an exciting way to unlock the true potential from your commercial vehicle. A majority of our customers who own a Mercedes Sprinter coming to us for a Mercedes Sprinter ECU Remap are either builders carrying heavy loads or using their vehicles for courier work with UK Mail, APC Express, Interlink and so on – requiring both power and maximum fuel economy.

If you’re looking for extra power to help pull the heavy weight load you have in the back of your Mercedes Sprinter, or feel you’re not getting the desired fuel economy you’d hoped for then you’re not alone. ECU Remapping is common practice for us and we’ve worked with many fleet companies and independent traders – we offer maximum results, fast turn around and a lifetime warranty.

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We can remap all Mercedes Sprinter Vans, Tippers, Crew Cabs and Pick-Up Trucks etc, below are some figures we’ve pulled from previous Mercedes Sprinter Remaps:

Mercedes Sprinter 208 CDI 82
82 hp
109 hp
200 NM
252 NM
Mercedes Sprinter 210 102
102 hp
142 hp
220 NM
282 NM
Mercedes Sprinter 211 CDI 109
109 hp
141 hp
270 NM
322 NM
Mercedes Sprinter 212 122
122 hp
149 hp
280 NM
322 NM
Mercedes Sprinter 220 CDI 129
129 hp
161 hp
300 NM
352 NM
Mercedes Sprinter 270 CDI 156
156 hp
188 hp
330 NM
382 NM


Mercedes Sprinter II 3.5 V6 (224/324/424/524)
258 hp
280 hp
340 NM
367 NM
Mercedes Sprinter II CDI 88 (209/309/409/509)
88 hp
120 hp
220 NM
287 NM
Mercedes Sprinter II CDI 109 (211/311/411/511)
109 hp
140 hp
280 NM
342 NM
Mercedes Sprinter II CDI 129 (213/313/413/513)
129 hp
161 hp
305 NM
362 NM
Mercedes Sprinter II CDI 150 (215/315/415/515)
150 hp
185 hp
330 NM
392 NM
Mercedes Sprinter II CDI 184 (218/318/418/518)
184 hp
213 hp
400 NM
467 NM

You can see from the figures shown above, the potential gains from our in-house custom Mercedes Sprinter ECU remaps are phenomenal and we can tweak absolutely any ECU remap to suit your bespoke needs – whether it be for maximum torque and pulling power, maximum fuel efficiency or a combined increase of both power and fuel economy.. we can remap your Mercedes Sprinter to suit your requirements.

We also recommend removing the Mercedes Sprinter DPF system, not only will it save you from expensive replacement DPF filters and on-going repair bills but it will naturally increase the performance and economy of your vehicle by allowing the engine to breath better and not have to work so hard. Combined with our custom remaps, you can expect nothing less than a complete transformation of your vehicle – fully backed by our lifetime warranty!

All our remaps are completely bespoke, tailored to your individual needs, invisible and 100% reversible.

For bookings and more information, call us on 0203 815 9441 or email us.

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2 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter Power & Economy ECU Remap / Diesel Chip Tuning
  • Hi, i have a mercades sprinter 311 08 plate with 160k on the clock. Would this be something you could Remap? What would be the warrenay? And of course the price!


    • Hi Tristan

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      We do offer a remap for this vehicle, which comes with a Lifetime Software Warranty. I have sent you an email with information and pricing.

      Kind Regards


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