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Mobile ECU Remapping / Engine ECU Remap / Engine Tuning Service

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ECU Remap In London

ECU remapping is a great way to release more potential from your vehicle. We do this by writing to the ECU’s Eprom Chip with custom tuned data to alter the fuel/air ratios, ignition timing and much more. Up until recent years, the only way to achieve this was by a technique called Chip-Tuning whereby we’d have to take out the existing Eprom chip or add a writeable chip to the PCB, one which could be read and written to by tuning software. Chip-Tuning is not as easy and can be very costly and there are a lot of risk factors involved when Chip-Tuning.

All cars from 2000 to 2010 can be ECU Remapped in the more efficient manor, making it a less expensive and a more viable and great way for our customers gain that extra power & fuel economy that they seek.

Cheap ECU Remapping In London

What Kind Of Gains Could I Expect From ECU Remapping?

Gains will always vary from vehicle to vehicle. Two identical vehicles could have different power gains (dependant on the health state of the engine and other mechanical components). Having other modifications such as an upgraded air filter, air induction system or a free flowing upgraded exhaust system can also greatly add value the results of an ECU remap. Below we’ve put together a rough guide line to go by, based on your vehicles factory BHP rating.

Petrol Non-Turbo     10-15% more bhp       15-20% more torque
Petrol Turbo               15-30% more bhp       20-40% more torque
Diesel Non-Turbo     20-30% more bhp      15-30% more torque
Diesel Turbo               30-50% more bhp       30-75% more torque

From the chart above you can see the gains are very desirable & all completely safe.

DPF Removal - Smoke Correction SessionIs ECU Remapping Road Legal?

ECU remapping is completely road legal. Cars come mapped from dealerships but they never fully tweak an engine ECU map file, let’s face it if they made cars to perfection it would leave us in the after market automotive world jobless. All our ECU remaps are completely road legal and will not cause any problems with the DVLA or MOT’s.. that’s Guaranteed!

So how much does an ECU Remap Cost?

A fully custom engine ecu remap starts from just £199 depending on the make & model of your vehicle. If you’re looking to get your car remapped with us, ask a few friends if they’d be interested to – we offer great discounts when remapping more than one vehicle. For an instant quote, call us today on 0203 815 9441

I found cheaper companies to do Cheap ECU Remaps, are they any good?

The ECU Remap industry is flooded with offers of cheap ecu remaps and every day more and more companies are popping up offering these cheap ecu remapping services but be very wary because once a remap has gone badly wrong, it can cost you £1000’s to put right in buying a new ecu as not all ecu’s can be repaired… We should know, our sister company is ECU Repairs and we’re dealing with these types of problems on a daily basis. Who you trust with your vehicles ECU is up to you, you get what you pay for and to be honest we are a leading, well known and established company with the most competitive rates – so if you find a company offering an ECU remap cheaper than us, then call us and let us know & we’ll see what we can do to beat their offer!

How long will it take to Remap my car?

The average ECU remapping session takes 1-3 hours. This involves initially test driving the vehicle to find all flat spots through the gear range, downloading & remapping the ECU system making any tweaks if necessary before finally test driving it again to confirm the results.

Nissan Navara DPF ProblemsCan you come to me to Remap my car?

We can certainly come out and do a Mobile ECU Remapping session no problem at all. In fact, we aim to suit the needs of everyone and so, we offer three ECU Remapping service types:

  • Mobile ECU Remapping
  • On-Site ECU Remapping
  • While You Wait ECU Remapping

The Mobile ECU Remapping Service is basically where we come out to your home/work at a time & day that is most convenient for you. You will not have to be present for the duration of the remap, only to give us the keys to your vehicle and collect the keys when the remap is completed, however, you’re more than welcome to hang around and watch us do what we do best.

Volvo XC70 D5 Replacement DPF Filters

The On-Site ECU Remapping Service is a service that is widely preferred by our professional clients. We can arrange to have a driver come out and collect your vehicle on the morning

of the booking at a time/place that suits you. The drive will bring the vehicle back to base where we can attach a battery stabiliser to the cars battery, remap the ECU at our garage and then return the vehicle to you fully remapped and ready to go.

The While You Wait ECU Remapping Service is for those customers who’d prefer to bring their vehicle to us. You’re more than welcome to drive down to us and have us remap your car whilst you wait. Driving home in the remapped car will be like driving a completely different car, you will experience immediately how much more responsive the vehicle is – not having to down shift your gears to gain speed & no more hesitation.

Why should I choose Sinspeed to Remap my Car?

With more than 60yrs combined experience in the automotive industry and our sister company (ECU Repairs), we feel that our technical abilities and knowledge far exceeds that of our competitors. We won’t let you down on your remap and we’re positive you’ll be referring us to all friends & family after you see at first hand the benefits of having your car remapped with us. No fuss, no problems, no delay! Call us today on 0203 815 9441

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4 thoughts on “Mobile ECU Remapping / Engine ECU Remap / Engine Tuning Service
  • hi i just have one question. i had a bad experiance one time whilst having a remap done.
    the company used just a battery jumper thing and the battery went flat.
    the bloke mentioned he usually uses a ctek battery charger or something but my ecu could not take that..

    is that correct or is he pulling my wire ?

    thank you jonathan.

    • Hi Jonathan

      We always use correct battery stabilisers when remapping vehicles. If the vehicle cannot take a battery stabiliser then the ECU should be removed for bench-flashing.

      Kindest Regards

      Admin Team

  • Thanks for posting such a useful post. By Remapping the vehicle ECU we can increase BHP, torque and fuel economy by utilizing our tuning experience and using the latest in tuning technology the driveability of your vehicle will be seriously improved without compromising the vehicles reliability.

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