06 Dec, 11

Ford Focus ST 2.5 (225BHP) Full Power Remap Service!!

Sinspeed Ford Focus 2.5 ST (225HP) Power RemapUntil now the remap for a Ford Focus ST 2.5 (225HP) was not possible. Thanks to our latest software update, we have now included the Ford Focus ST to our remap database and can offer a fully customisable Power remap, taking the 225hp engine right up to 262hp with torque gains from the standard 320Nm straight up to 392Nm.

The gains are very impressive, we’ve done around 18-19 Focus ST’s last month with each & every customer being very satisfied. Lots more torque right through the rev range and a much more responsive throttle response, smoothing out all flat spots.

We can also offer this as a Mobile ECU Remapping Service.

We’ve got a great offer on our Ford Focus ST Power Remaps at the moment so contact us today for details.

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