09 Oct, 12

Volkswagen Crafter 2.5TDi Power & Economy ECU Remap / Diesel Chip Tuning

Volkswagen Crafter Mobile ECU RemappingVolkswagen Crafter ECU remapping and diesel engine tuning is very common. Most of our customers ask to remap their VW Crafter for more power and better performance, as well as better fuel economy. This is because they will be likely to carry a heavy load and so it will help with hill climbs and pulling power.

If you’re looking to unlock the extra power from your VW Crafter then contact us today and find out how we can help by offering you a bespoke and custom VW Crafter remap to suit your needs. We can remap all VW Crafters and below are some figures we’ve pulled from previous Volkswagen Crafter Remaps:

VW Crafter TDI 2.5 88
88 hp
115 hp
220 NM
272 NM
VW Crafter TDI 2.5 109
109 hp
136 hp
280 NM
332 NM
VW Crafter TDI 2.5 136
136 hp
168 hp
300 NM
362 NM
VW Crafter TDI 2.5 163
163 hp
195 hp
350 NM
412 NM

You can see from the figures above, the gains in performance and power are phenomenal. We can tweak any remap to suit your bespoke needs. Whether it’s all focused on fuel economy, all towards power or a mixture of the two to provide better throttle response, improved performance and significant power gains whilst keeping the vehicle economical and fuel efficient for the long motorway journeys.

Click Here To Find A Sinspeed Approved Dealership Near You – We Operate A Nationwide Service Covering The UK & Ireland.

We also recommend removing the Volkswagen Crafter DPF system, not only will it save you from expensive repair bills in the future but it will also increase power and performance as well as fuel economy gains – Especially when combined with our bespoke ECU Remaps.

For bookings & more information, call us on 0203 815 9441 or email us.

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