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Audi Instrument Cluster Testing & Repair

We are able to repair all Audi Dashboard / Instrument Clusters which will come with a Lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind. Some of the most common problems include the Audi TT gauges failure and pixelated screens.

Check out our Audi Instrument Cluster Repair articles below or call us today on 0203 815 9441 to enquire about our repair services.

24 Jan, 24

Audi TT 2006-2014 Instrument Cluster Rebuild

Audi TT 2006

The Audi TT, known for its style and performance, has a dedicated fan base. Yet, models produced from 2006 to 2014 face certain issues, particularly with the instrument cluster. This component, vital for relaying key information to the driver, has been a focal point for improvement in enhancing the overall driving experience. Common Instrument Cluster Failures (Audi TT 2006-2014): The Audi TT 2006 models may experience some typical problems with the instrument cluster that can significantly impact the car's performance.These…

22 Jan, 24

Audi TT 1998–2006 Instrument Cluster Rebuild

Audi TT 1998–2006 Instrument Cluster Rebuild

The Audi TT is known for its sleek and modern interior design, and the instrument cluster plays a key role in enhancing the overall driving experience. However, in Audi TTs manufactured from 1998 to 2006, issues with the instrument cluster can arise, affecting the accuracy of the information provided, the screen not working right, showing the wrong information, or even completely shutting down. Because this instrument cluster is so important, it's crucial to fix any issues quickly. Common Problems Here…

22 Jan, 24

Audi TT Instrument Cluster Rebuild Service

Audi TT instrument cluster

Summary: Audi TT may encounter issues with its instrument cluster, causing owner concerns. This page discusses common issues, our rebuild process & a few additional tips! The Audi TT, a beacon of innovation and design in the automotive world, presents owners with a driving experience that marries luxury with performance. However, like any sophisticated vehicle, Our Audi TT Instrument Cluster Rebuild Service offers a reliable solution to restore your dashboard's functionality to its prime. Understanding the Instrument Cluster: A Vital…

02 Jul, 15

Audi A2 Dashboard Instrument Cluster Problems Repaired

Audi A2 Instrument Cluster Faults

Audi A2 Dashboard Instrument Cluster Problems Has your LCD Centre display screen become pixelated or distorted? Is your speedo reading inaccurate? The LCD central display screen on the Audi A2 Dashboard / Instrument cluster is known to commonly become faulty which you will be able to tell if you experience the above faults. Some other problems that may also occur is the Gauges may becoming inoperative, including the speedo, Rev Counter, Fuel as well as the temperature gauge, giving incorrect readings…

02 Jul, 15

Audi A3 S3 Dashboard Instrument Cluster Repairs

Audi A3 Instrument Cluster Problems

Audi A3 S3 Instrument Cluster Problems Is your Central LCD Display screen pixelated? Or are your gauges showing inaccurate readings? Unfortunately, the Audi A3 S3 instrument cluster can become faulty over time as you will be able to tell if you experience the above faults. Other faults can also include the following: Fuel or/and temperature gauges reading too high or low Centre mileage flickers and time display is illuminated Intermittent fault on complete unit Complete instrument Cluster flickers till warm Total power…

01 May, 14

Audi A6 / S6 / Allroad (4F) Instrument Cluster (Speedo) Problems + Repairs

Audi A6 Speedo Problems

Audi A6/S6 / Allroad Speedo Problems & Repairs The Audi A6, S6 and the Allroad from 2004 - 2011 (4F) have all got the same Magneti Marelli instrument cluster (speedometer) unit fitted. This same part can also be found fitted to the Audi Q7. It is a common failing part and we are regularly taking enquiries from customers with this particular part requiring our test & repair services. Common Instrument Cluster / Dashboard Problems Backlight Illumination Failure Backlight Flickers Gauges…

16 Apr, 14

Audi Q7 (4L) Instrument Cluster (Speedo) Problems + Repairs

Dashboard Speedo Repairs - Audi Q7

Audi Q7 Dashboard Instrument Cluster Problems & Repairs The Audi Q7 from 2007 - 2013 comes fitted with a Magneti Marelli manufactured instrument cluster (speedometer) unit. Some Speedo's can fit a variety of vehicles, however this particular part has only been found fitted to the Audi Q7 and is specific to this model of vehicle. We have had quite a few Audi Q7 Speedo units in for testing & repairs and have seen various faults. Common Instrument Cluster / Dashboard Problems…

21 Oct, 12

Audi TT MK1 1999-2006 Dashboard Instrument Cluster Problems Repaired

Audi TT Instrument Cluster Repairs

The Audi TT (MK1 1999-2006) dashboard / instrument cluster has an LCD central display screen which is quite common to fail. This centre display can become distorted, pixelated or even fail completely. Also, the fuel gauge is another common failure on this type of instrument cluster - giving incorrect readings or even sometimes no reading at all. These instrument clusters can be a very costly replacement and are key-coded so if you are replacing the unit, they will require programming…

10 May, 12

Audi A4 / A8 B5 (1994-2001) Siemens VDO Dashboard / Speedometer (Instrument Cluster) Repairs

Instrument Cluster Repairs Audi A4 A8

A common problem across all Audi's as well as other makes is the LCD trip computer in the dashboard (instrument cluster) also known as a speedo or speedometer. On the Audi A4 and A8 (B5 models affected from 1994-2001) the LCD display suffers from pixel failure. Common LCD Problems: Dead Pixels No Backlight Missing Lines Of Pixels Missing Columns Of Pixels Pixels Missing When Warmed Up Replacing an instrument cluster can be a pain because in some cases require programming…