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Audi A6 / S6 / Allroad (4F) Instrument Cluster (Speedo) Problems + Repairs

Audi A6/S6 / Allroad Speedo Problems & Repairs

Audi A6 / S6 / Allroad Cluster Repairs
The Audi A6, S6 and the Allroad from 2004 – 2011 (4F) have all got the same Magneti Marelli instrument cluster (speedometer) unit fitted. This same part can also be found fitted to the Audi Q7. It is a common failing part and we are regularly taking enquiries from customers with this particular part requiring our test & repair services.

Common Instrument Cluster / Dashboard Problems

  • Backlight Illumination Failure
  • Backlight Flickers
  • Gauges Stop Working
  • DIS Display Failure
  • LCD Pixelated or Faded
  • Intermittent Power Loss
  • Complete Power Failure

Above are just some of the common faults found with this particular instrument cluster (dashboard / speedometer) unit. This type of speedometer can be very expensive to replace with prices for second hand parts starting from £300+ and limited warranties. This type of speedo unit may also require programming / coding to the vehicle which is an additional cost.

Our Instrument Cluster Rebuild Service

Audi A6/S6 Allroad Speedo Problems
We’re able to fully test & rebuild the dashboard instrument cluster. We use new genuine OEM components and where possible we will uprate components, especially those which are common failing, to ensure that each and every rebuilt instrument cluster will meet & exceed OE specifications. All of our repaired instrument clusters come with a Lifetime warranty and are returned fully Plug & Play – meaning no programming will be required.

We also offer a professional fitting service if required.
Below is a list of some common part numbers we’ve had come through our workshops for testing & repair. If you’re part number is not listed or you have any queries regarding our dash repairs, give us a call on 0203 815 9441.


Part NumbersPart Numbers
4F0920931F4F0 920 931 F
4F0910930A4F0 910 930 A
4F0920983G4F0 920 983 G
4F0920980L4F0 920 980 L
4F0920983MX4F0 920 983 MX
4F0920933J4F0 920 933 J
4F0910930C4F0 910 930 C
4F0920950L4F0 920 950 L
4F0920981F4F0 920 981 F
4F0920950K4F0 920 950 K
4F0920982T4F0 920 982 T
4F0920980M4F0 920 980 M
4F0910930A4F0 910 930 A
4F0920983P4F0 920 983 P

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