02 Jul, 15

Audi A2 Dashboard Instrument Cluster Problems Repaired

Audi A2 Instrument Cluster FaultsAudi A2 Dashboard Instrument Cluster Problems
Has your LCD Centre display screen become pixelated or distorted? Is your speedo reading inaccurate? The LCD central display screen on the Audi A2 Dashboard / Instrument cluster is known to commonly become faulty which you will be able to tell if you experience the above faults. Some other problems that may also occur is the Gauges may becoming inoperative, including the speedo, Rev Counter, Fuel as well as the temperature gauge, giving incorrect readings or sometimes, no reading at all.

My Audi A2 Instrument Cluster is faulty – Can Sinspeed Help?
As you may be aware, replacing these instrument clusters can work out to be extremely costly, and they are key coded in such a way that if you are replacing the whole unit, they will require programming in.

Here at Sinspeed, we hold our own in-house repair solution so you can avoid the costly repairs by having your own unit repaired! Your repaired Audi A2 Instrument Cluster will be returned to you with lifetime warranty for 100% Satisfaction.

If you have a faulty dashboard / Instrument cluster (speedo) then contact us today on 0203 815 9441 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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