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Audi TT 2006-2014 Instrument Cluster Rebuild

The Audi TT, known for its style and performance, has a dedicated fan base. Yet, models produced from 2006 to 2014 face certain issues, particularly with the instrument cluster. This component, vital for relaying key information to the driver, has been a focal point for improvement in enhancing the overall driving experience.

Audi TT 2006

Common Instrument Cluster Failures (Audi TT 2006-2014):

The Audi TT 2006 models may experience some typical problems with the instrument cluster that can significantly impact the car’s performance.These issues don’t always show up right away but can get worse over time. Here’s a look at the main problems you might run into with the instrument cluster.

  • Display Anomalies
  • Complete loss of all instrument functions and lights
  • Fuel Gauge Inaccuracy
  • None start due to immobiliser lock out
  • Temperature Gauge Problems
  • Failure of Centre display
  • Faulty Warning Lights
  • Intermittent or Complete Failure
  • Backlight Challenges
  • Gauge Needle Irregularities

Part Numbers

Below is a list of part numbers commonly associated with this types of unit.

Part NumbersPart Numbers

Our Rebuilding Process

Check & Test
Our team carefully inspects the unit for any visible issues before connecting it to our advanced testing bench.

Comprehensive Testing
Following initial assessments, our engineers conduct thorough component-level tests, pinpointing the root cause of any faults.

Quality Repairs
We use top-notch components for all repairs, making sure each one meets the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Post-Repair Check
Once repairs are done, we re-test the unit to ensure it works perfectly and all issues are resolved.

Audi TT Cluster Experts
Our technicians have designed and developed bespoke testing equipment for Audi TT instrument clusters and have a wealth of experience testing and repairing 1000s of these units. 

Fast Service
We usually complete the entire process in just 1-2 working days.

Our prices are competitive, providing a high-quality service without breaking the bank.

Guaranteed Quality
Every instrument cluster repair comes with a Lifetime warranty, showcasing our commitment to lasting reliability.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We Keep Things Clear

No confusing jargon here. We make sure you understand what’s going on with your Audi TT.

  • We Stay in Touch

You won’t be left wondering. We keep you in the loop, telling you what’s happening every step of the way.

  • We’re Quick

Our process is fast, so you can get back to enjoying your Audi TT with its instrument cluster all sorted out.

  • Trusted Reliability

Clients choose us for our reliability. We’ve earned trust by consistently delivering exceptional service, making us the go-to for Audi TT cluster repairs.

Contact Us Now

Elevate your Audi TT driving experience with our specialised instrument cluster repair services. Whether facing dead pixels, gauge malfunctions, or backlighting issues, our skilled technicians are equipped to restore your Audi TT instrument cluster to optimal condition.

Trust in our expertise and commitment to excellence, and let us be your partner in ensuring the continued performance and enjoyment of this iconic vehicle.

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