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BMW DPF Removal Services

BMW DPF Removal + Smoke Correction Services to permanently solve all DPF related problems with a Lifetime warranty. For more information check out our BMW DPF Removal articles below or call us on 0203 815 9441 today.

14 Nov, 14

Our Permanent Solution To a Blocked DPF + DPF Related DTC Fault Codes

DPF Light On

The Costly DPF System Counters Diesel Economy The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system is definitely the most problematic part fitted to almost all new diesel vehicles. The DPF filter sits in the exhaust and is designed to trap diesel particles (particulate soot matter) and stop it from escaping out the back of the exhaust and entering into our atmosphere. Although a great concept, the problems that come with the DPF system far outweigh the benefits and on some vehicles a…

28 Apr, 12

BMW Complete DPF Removal Session

BMW DPF Removal Session

BMW DPF Removal Service BMW DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) systems seem to have blocked DPF’s normally caused by faults within the ECU system whereby it fails to regenerate at set intervals due to false calculations of pressure in the DPF but also, we find many BMW's won't flag up a warning until the DPF is blocked beyond economical repair. In such cases, you'll find a regeneration will not be successful and even if you manage to regenerate with the light…

11 Apr, 11

BMW 5 Series DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Removal Services

BMW 530D Diesel Chip Tuning

Get the most from your car with our BMW 5 Series DPF Removal Service. The BMW 5 series is an executive model fully loaded with the latest technology, and although we prefer the Audi A5 I have to admit, the BMW 5 series is a definite head turner. The interior is nicely finished and packed with gadgets including an on-board computer, however, we're not too keen on the central control. - But we're not here to review the car.. If…