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Mazda DPF Removal + Smoke Correction

Did you know Sinspeed was the first company to successfully complete a Mazda DPF Removal?
We are the UK’s Leading Mazda DPF Specialists and pride ourselves for the extensive knowledge in the Mazda Diesel Emissions system. All of our DPF removals come with a Lifetime warranty for absolute peace of mind.

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16 May, 16

Mazda 3 DPF Removal Service

Diesel Particulate Filters - DPF Filter

Mazda 3's are known to suffer blocked DPF's and if you are a proud owner of one, you may have experienced some of the negative effects of this, which include the DPF light coming on and a loss of power. Modern Diesel Mazda's come with a DPF integrated into the exhaust, and it is in place to trap and remove Diesel Particulate Matter or soot from the diesel exhaust gasses before they are released into the atmosphere. The process allows…

14 Nov, 14

Our Permanent Solution To a Blocked DPF + DPF Related DTC Fault Codes

DPF Light On

The Costly DPF System Counters Diesel Economy The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system is definitely the most problematic part fitted to almost all new diesel vehicles. The DPF filter sits in the exhaust and is designed to trap diesel particles (particulate soot matter) and stop it from escaping out the back of the exhaust and entering into our atmosphere. Although a great concept, the problems that come with the DPF system far outweigh the benefits and on some vehicles a…

09 Aug, 11

Mazda 5 DPF Removal (DPF-OFF / DPF-Delete)

Mazda 5 DPF Removal Service By Sinspeed

After our long awaited release of the p://sinspeed.co.uk/mazda-6-dpf-removal-dpf-off-breakthrough">Mazda 6 DPF removal we quickly became swamped & overwhelmed by the inquiries continuously flooding in. Since October 2010 we have successfully removed the DPF's from over 850 Mazda 6's and still going strong. Soon after the release of our Mazda 6 DPF removal solution we began getting inquiries about the Mazda 5 and using similar decryption techniques we managed to successfully reprogram & remove the DPF's from the Mazda 5's as well.…

04 Nov, 10

Mazda 6 DPF Removal (DPF-OFF) Breakthrough!!

Mazda 6 DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Removal (DPF-OFF) Breakthrough

Mazda 6 DPF Removal We launched our long awaited Mazda 6 DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Removal (a complete Mazda 6 DPF-OFF) system breakthrough in 2010 and to present (2014) we have removed over 1500 Mazda 6 DPF's with a 100% success rate. From 2007-2010 we were turning customers away on a daily basis as there was simply no options for customers with Mazda 6 DPF Problems. It's a very common problem, not only on Mazda's but all modern diesel vehicles which…