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DPF Removal

DPF Delete / Filter Removal

We are able to completely remove the DPF system from any vehicle and reprogram the ECU to ensure the vehicle runs optimally without the DPF installed. We also carry out a smoke-correction service to ensure removal of the DPF will not cause the vehicle to smoke. Sinspeed offers diesel particulate filter (DPF) removals as an “Off-Road” service only. Further information about MOT tests and how a DPF works can be found in our What is a DPF article.

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06 Oct, 16

What is a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

Diesel Particulate Filters - DPF Filter

What is a Diesal Particulate Filter (DPF)? A Diesel Particulate Filter, often referred to as the DPF is a filter designed and integrated into the exhaust system to trap & remove Diesel Particulate Matter or Soot from the exhaust gasses of the diesel engine. Much like the Catalytic Converter of conventional petrol engines, the Diesel Particulate Filter works to remove harmful toxins and lower the emissions of your diesel engine making it more environmentally friendly. The aim is to remove…

14 Jun, 16

BMW 7 Series DPF Removal Service

DPF Filter

A blocked Diesel Particulate Filter (or DPF) is a common fault found on the BMW 7 Series. The filter is integrated into the exhausts of modern diesel vehicles to allow the soot to be cleaned via regeneration before being released into the atmosphere. During this process, up to 80% of the diesel particulate emissions is removed, however, when the DPF is burning the soot via regeneration, an ash residue is left behind which cannot be burnt, and this causes the…

16 May, 16

Mazda 3 DPF Removal Service

Diesel Particulate Filters - DPF Filter

Mazda 3's are known to suffer blocked DPF's and if you are a proud owner of one, you may have experienced some of the negative effects of this, which include the DPF light coming on and a loss of power. Modern Diesel Mazda's come with a DPF integrated into the exhaust, and it is in place to trap and remove Diesel Particulate Matter or soot from the diesel exhaust gasses before they are released into the atmosphere. The process allows…

07 Apr, 16

Audi DPF Removal Service

DPF Blocked Regeneration Warning Light

Have you noticed that your DPF warning light is on? Or is your Audi suffering from loss of power? If so, this could be due to a blocked Diesel Particulate Filter which is no longer functioning efficiently! A DPF is integrated into the exhaust of most modern diesel Audi's from 2005 onwards, to trap and remove Diesel Particulate Matter or soot from the diesel exhaust gasses to ensure that the residue smoke is cleaner before being released into the atmosphere.…

05 Apr, 16

Alfa Romeo DPF Removal Service

Alfa Romeo 159 DPF Removal

Alfa Romeo DPF Problems + Our Permanent DPF Solution Many Alfa Romeo's are equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) which are integrated into the exhaust systems of newer vehicles to trap and remove Diesel Particulate Matter or Soot from diesel exhaust gasses. When the engine burns diesel, the residue is smoke and in the smoke, there are tiny particles of soot and ash which the filter traps. When it is blocked with soot and ash, regeneration is the procedure of…

14 Nov, 14

Our Permanent Solution To a Blocked DPF + DPF Related DTC Fault Codes

DPF Light On

The Costly DPF System Counters Diesel Economy The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system is definitely the most problematic part fitted to almost all new diesel vehicles. The DPF filter sits in the exhaust and is designed to trap diesel particles (particulate soot matter) and stop it from escaping out the back of the exhaust and entering into our atmosphere. Although a great concept, the problems that come with the DPF system far outweigh the benefits and on some vehicles a…

05 Nov, 13

Alfa Romeo 159 JTD DPF Removal

Alfa Romeo 159 DPF Removal

Make: Alfa Romeo Model: 159 Year: 2005 - Engine: 1.9 / 2.0 / 2.4 JTD and JTDM Symptoms of DPF Fault: DPF light on, Engine light on the dash, Loss of power (Limp Mode). Solution: DPF Removal + Smoke Correction Duration: 3 Hours & 30 Minutes. Results: After our complete Alfa Romeo 159 JTD DPF Removal + Smoke Correction session, you can expect to start your vehicle with no warning lights, no smoke and full power being restored. You will also…

28 Oct, 13

Ford Galaxy / Kuga / Mondeo / S-Max 2.0TDCi Custom DPF Removal

Ford Galaxy Mondeo Kuga DPF Problems

The latest Ford diesels such as the Ford Galaxy / Kuga / Mondeo / S-Max are now fitted with the Delphi DCM3.5 Engine ECU and this has proven to be a tricky ECU for all remappers across the country. In fact, we've recently had two Ford Mondeo 2.0TDCi's in our workshop for DPF corrective software where other companies have attempted to carry out a DPF Removal session which went horribly wrong, leaving the vehicles in no state to be driven.…

22 Jun, 13

Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF Removal Services

Suzuki Grand Vitara DDiS DPF Removal

Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF Removal First - A Bit About The Car The Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF Removal is a speciality of ours but first lets talk a little about the vehicle. The Suzuki Grand Vitara is a small SUV that delivers both on-road comfort and off-road ability—two attributes you certainly know are often mutually exclusive. The first-generation Grand Vitara featured low-range gearing, a V6 power engine and a truck-like chassis. Although the current model is similar to the older…

07 Apr, 13

Volkswagen (VW) Golf 1.6TDi CR BlueMotion DPF Removal Session

VW Golf 1.6TDi CR Blue Motion DPF Faults

Volkswagen (VW) Golf 1.6TDi CR BlueMotion DPF Removal Session The Volkswagen (VW) Golf 1.6TDi CR BlueMotion really is a great looking car and boasts an impressive 58.9mpg in fuel economy. The manual gearbox delivers smooth gear shifts and is quite torquey but still can only offer a sluggish 0-60mph in 10.7seconds. Overall it is a reasonably priced car and good value for money but as with all cars it does have it's problems - unfortunately, some of the common problems…