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Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF Removal Services

Suzuki Grand Vitara DDiS DPF RemovalSuzuki Grand Vitara DPF Removal

First – A Bit About The Car
The Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF Removal is a speciality of ours but first lets talk a little about the vehicle. The Suzuki Grand Vitara is a small SUV that delivers both on-road comfort and off-road ability—two attributes you certainly know are often mutually exclusive. The first-generation Grand Vitara featured low-range gearing, a V6 power engine and a truck-like chassis. Although the current model is similar to the older versions, it also features a body structure that nicely meshes car and truck chassis designs. I wasn’t keen on the original model because of various shortcomings, but I must say the new Grand Vitara has been greatly improved.

That said—and this is something we at Sinspeed have noticed—the current model still lacks the refinement of its many compact SUV competitors. If you own a Grand Vitara, you certainly are among those who like to escape the urban grind and slip into the great outdoors. This is one unique feature of the car: its rough-and-tumble nature makes it a perfect choice for one-off, country-bound expeditions! The Grand Vitara is powered by a 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder that yields an optimum of 162 pound-feet of torque as well as 166 horsepower.

If you own a standard model, you would notice the efficient five-speed manual transmission—although it is not uncommon to see four-speed automatic transmission on other versions. Rear-wheel drive is common on base models, but we’ve seen clients bring a limited-version model to our shops—and the model had a four-mode 4WD system (4H, 4H Lock, 4L Lock and N) that enables the vehicle to be flat-towed behind an RV without adding miles to the odometer.

Now, let’s get to the interesting part!

Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF Removal Service

Ever worried that the efficiency of your Suzuki Grand Vitara’s Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) wasn’t up to par? Worry no more! At Sinspeed, we offer Suzuki DPF removal services on a variety of vehicles, including the Suzuki Vitara and Grand Vitara, both DDi and DDiS models.

Our DPF busters perform a thorough and permanent removal service, making sure any future DPF-related problems are fixed—permanently, for the life of the vehicle.

Contact us to learn more about our Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF removal services.

Specifically, our DPF experts can help you if you experience any of the following problems with your Suzuki Vitara DDi or DDiS:

  • Excessive smoke
  • DPF light illuminated—even if it occasionally vanishes and reappears
  • Significant loss of power, also known as “limp mode”
  • Reduction in fuel economy
  • Failure of— or engine inefficiency due to—your blocked DPF filter

Don’t be tricked into unreasonably low Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF removal quotes from one of those “Mickey Mouse” companies that claim to be professional yet offer substandard work, poor customer service and inadequate diagnostic services, all of which end up costing you more money in the long term.

Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.9DDiS DPF RemovalA DPF performs essential functions in maintaining your vehicle’s engine efficiency, removing diesel particulate matter (that is, soot) from the diesel engine, and contributing to a cleaner and healthier air by blocking exhaust gases from entering the atmosphere. At Sinspeed, we do more than remove the DPF filter from the exhaust and reprogram your engine’s ECU to deactivate the system. We also carry out a Smoke Correction service using in-house, proprietary technology to make sure your Grand Vitara continues to run efficiently without affecting the emissions. This technology is unique to Sinspeed, so don’t expect to get it at any other company in the U.K.

Contact us today to discuss your options for a professional Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF removal service. If your DPF has become saturated and, therefore, needs to be replaced, Sinspeed can provide you a qualitative yet affordable solution for the replacement. Our approach is unique, built on several years of DPF removal and regeneration expertise, and cost-efficient in the long term.

We help you save money and lengthen the operating life of your Suzuki Vitara’s diesel engine.

Why are we better than the competition?

  1. We provide a combination of “top-quality work, post-check review, stellar customer service and work guarantee” that is unparalleled in the U.K.
  2. We are the first UK-Registered company to offer DPF Removal services since 2007. We offer a true Lifetime software warranty. We have removed DPF’s from 5,000+ vehicles and are by far the most experienced DPF Removal specialists in the country.
  3. We perform an in-depth review of your engine, and then give you an objective and fact-based opinion—meaning, you can take our advice and go to another service provider if you so like.
  4. We provide various vehicle repair services, including Engine Control Unit (ECU) remapping and analysis.
  5. We can provide you alternative engine treatment procedures if we find out the problem with your Suzuki Vitara is not related to DPF. Trust us; we have the expertise and tools in-house to deal with all sorts of engine problems.
  6. Our diagnostic approach enables us to give you a complete and accurate DPF Health Check, making sure we diagnose DPF faults correctly and that they are not mistaken for problems in other areas.

Our Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF removal services centre on the following procedures:

  • Pre-diagnostic check
  • Analysis and physical removal of the faulty or damaged filter
  • ECU reprogramming/remapping
  • ECU tuning, if needed
  • Smoke-Correction Service
  • Post-diagnostic check
  • Test run

Contact us today, and let one of our specialists walk you through our bespoke Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF removal services and tell you how we can regenerate and boost your diesel engine’s operational efficiency. Trust us—we’ve been doing this for so long, hundreds of clients have entrusted us with their cars’ engine safety and DPF-related problems!

Will DPF Removal Cause Me To Fail An MOT?
From February 2014, the law is changing to include the visual inspection of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) during your MOT inspection. Although our DPF Removals are very discreet and our smoke-correction ensures the vehicle won’t smoke come MOT time, we are offering our DPF Removal sessions as an “Off-Road Use Only” service.

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7 thoughts on “Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF Removal Services
  • Have been advised to remove the doc from my 06 Suzuki Grand Vitara DDiS but thought this was illegal from 2014 onwRds and would fail the mot if it was fitted as standard and had been removed. If I can have it removed how much is thi likely to cost?

    • Hello Alan,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      I have sent over an email for further information regarding your Suzuki Grand Vitara DPF Removal enquiry.

      Kind Regards,


  • I have a 07 1.9 Suzuki but I believe it has a Renault engine if that sounds right with a dpf problem any ideas on cost

    Kind regards

  • I have a 1.9 Suzuki grand Vitara with dpf light issues.
    what is the cost and timescale on removal and remapping of the vehicle.
    My partner only uses it for the School run So the cleaning Cycle never really gets done

    • Hello Robert

      Thanks for getting in touch,

      We have sent you an email with full details and pricing.

      Kind Regards


  • Hi, I have a 2008 1.9 ddis grand vitara. Please can you advise on price for dpf and egr delete. My concern is when it comes to mot will it fail?

    • Hello Adrian

      Thanks for getting in touch

      We have sent you an email with more details.

      Kind Regards


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