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DPF Removal | DPF Problems | Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Delete

DPF Removal Services With A Lifetime Warranty!
Having a blocked diesel particulate filter has become a very common problem on modern Diesel vehicles. We can solve DPF Problems at a very low cost and permanently with a custom off-road DPF Removal session.



The diesel particulate filter is designed to trap and remove harmful particulate matter from diesel engines via the exhaust system and although they are great for our enviornment, they do nothing but cause problems for our diesel vehicles. We’ve written an extensive post to explain what is a dpf and how it works.

Being the most experienced DPF specialists in the country, we are one of the first companies in the UK to have successfully de-activated the system from diesel cars. However, as removal is an off-road solution only, we have teamed up with World leading filter manufacturers to offer the best replacement filters at the very best prices. We also offer chemical & water-based cleaning services that can fully restore a blocked filter and guarantee to beat any quote.

See below for a list of options we currently offer, whatever the problem, we have a solution. If you’re unsure as to which option would best suit your needs, please call us to discuss – we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Sinspeed’s Current DPF Solutions

How Much Are You Expected To Pay On Average For DPF Repairs?

Ignoring the warning lights and allowing the diesel particulate (soot) loading to build up will eventually lead to the complete failure of the Diesel Particulate Filter system. If you have a blocked DPF, your local garage may try to regenerate it and if that works, happy days. However, unless you find the root cause as to why the filter became blocked in the first place, it’s highly likely the problem will return.
If the regeneration fails, your local garage may try using a chemical cleaning solution to try and force-clean the filter but this is rarely successful as it cannot remove ash residue and eventually you may be advised to have the filter replaced. At this stage, you may have already spent a few hundred pounds and a replacement can cost anything from £800 – £2500 + Labour, with the additional cost for a recommended oil change and ECU reset.

How Can SINSPEED Help Reduce This Cost & What Are The Options?

There is more than one way to resolve the issues with the DPF system:

Warning – Cheap DPF Removal Companies

Some companies & mobile agents use “Automated DPF-Deletion” software. It’s easier for them because they can simply plug a laptop into your car, download the ECU data.. run it through the software and then write it back to the ECU. What the software does is using pre-set parameters, it attempts to scan & detect all DPF file structures that are known to the software and delete them accordingly.
So what’s the problem with this? – Simply put, this software fails to remove 100% of the DPF file structure on even the simplest of ECU’s and in result of this you will be left with data corruption / errors and problems (if not immediately) then in the months to follow. Further to this, no other company in the whole of the UK & possibly Europe currently offers a Smoke-Correction Service (Many are incapable of carrying out this specialist procedure). We include this so you get complete peace of mind.
What we do is unique, we download the ECU data and manually flow through the 1000’s of data strings to locate, modify & delete all DPF-related data structure strings. This is the ONLY sure way to delete a DPF system completely without problems occurring but we don’t stop their, we then go on to carry out a smoke-correction service – This will ensure the vehicle will NOT smoke. No other company offers this service!!

DPF Removal / DPF Delete

Most of our customers prefer to have the DPF removed entirely. We can offer a very affordable DPF Delete service whereby we reprogram the vehicles Engine Control Module (ECM) also known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to completely de-activate the DPF system. This means that the ECU will no longer be looking for the presence of the filter and it is the most complete solution. Beware of companies offering an inferior service, which will simply disable the warning light from telling you there is a fault!

The DPF makes your engine work harder to output power and can have a detrimental effect on fuel economy. Our service will safely disable the system and increase the fuel economy whilst simultaneously unlocking more power by allowing the engine to breath better. Reprogramming the ECU will also eliminate the possibility of the engine running into LIMP Mode caused by the DPF system.

The DPF-Delete session is just the programming to deactivate the system our very own bespoke software. We also offer a complete removal service and both options come with a lifetime warranty.

If you have any questions, would like a quote or just some friendly advice, call us now on 0203 815 9441.

Will a Particulate Filter Removal Cause Me To Fail An MOT?

From February 2014 the law is changing to include the visual inspection of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) during your MOT inspection. Although our services are very discreet and our smoke-correction ensures the vehicle won’t smoke, we are offering our removal sessions as an “Off-Road” service.

DPF Cleaning Service

If you’re experiencing DPF problems, we offer a cost-effective and professional DPF cleaning service, which takes just 1 day to complete and comes with a no-quibble 6-month warranty. We’re so confident in our solution, that if the DPF does fail again within 6 months, we will offer to clean it again under warranty or if damaged beyond repair, contribute towards the cost of replacing the filter. It is far more effective than “forced regenerations” and will save you damaging your DPF system and having to pay out for costly replacement parts.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Will removing the dpf affect my engine?
    Removing the filter will increase airflow and allow the engine and turbo to perform better with less strain, thereby increasing the life expectancy – a positive affect

  • Will my dpf warning lights go out after removal?
    Providing there are no other faults on the vehicle, all warning lights should go out.

  • Can you offer an egr removal at the same time?
    Yes! We can definitely offer an EGR removal at the same time and it will work out much cheaper doing them both together, check out our EGR Removal article for more information

  • I’ve been told I need a new FAP, is this the same thing?
    Yes it’s just a fancy acronym for Filtre à particules and is the term used on most Peugeot, Citroen, Renault and Ford vehicles.

  • Can you do a dpf removal and remap?
    Ofcourse! Removing the DPF will allow your engine and turbo to breath better and produce more power with less struggle and now would be the perfect time to throw in a remap and really unlock your vehicles true potential – maximising on any power and economy gains.

Which Diesel Cars Are Fitted With DPF Filters?

Since 2009, modern diesel vehicles have to be fitted with a diesel particulate filter. However, PSA Peugeot Citroen were fitting the filters in their diesel vehicles from as early as 2000 in anticipation of the Euro 5 regulations. If you’re not sure whether your vehicle is fitted with one, get in touch and we’d be happy to check & confirm it for you.

Vehicle Handbook Advice

If you’re buying a new or fairly new diesel car with the DPF system fitted then it’s crucial that you read the relevant sections of the vehicles information handbook so that you understand exactly what actions are advised to take by your manufacturer as advice may vary depending on the vehicle.