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12 Mar, 17

What Is An ABS Pump + How Does It Work?

Teves MK70 ABS ECU Repairs

The Anti-Lock Braking System or Anti-Skid Braking System is commonly abbreviated as ABS and is an advanced braking technology installed on motor vehicles to prevent the wheels from locking up (ceasing motion) and skidding uncontrollably. It does so by pulsating the braking force delivered to the wheels similar to threshold braking, which is a technique commonly used in motor racing and the idea is to control the brake pedal pressure and apply maximum braking force to a point just before the wheels…

31 Jan, 17

Mercedes Benz EIS Switch, ESL Unit and Key Faults – Our Popular Solution

Mercedes EIS Problems

The EIS switch module is fitted to most modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles and is the name given to the Mercedes electronic ignition switch. When repairing our first EIS immobiliser key module fault, never did we think this would become such a wide spread problem. We are seeing units sent in from all over the world every single day and the fault is affecting all models fitted with an EZS / EIS switch system. We have found similar faults within the Electronic…

24 Apr, 14

Tesla Model S – Test Drive Review

Tesla Model S Review

Tesla Motors is an American company that designs, manufactures and sells electric vehicles. The Model S is the new sedan car which was released to the US market in June 2012 and is expected to be available to the UK market in May 2014. Tesla sold 18,000 units of the Model S to the US market in 2013, ranking Tesla's Model S as the third top-selling electric plug-in car in the US. Tesla are expected to achieve 35,000 global sales…