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12 Jul, 18

DPF Cleaning Service

Blocked DPF Clean

If you’re a proud owner of a diesel car, you’re probably aware of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) that is integrated into your exhaust, but do you happen to know what it does and how you need to keep your DPF clean and maintained?   As the name suggests, a DPF, most commonly known as a soot trap, is a filter with the job of capturing and storing soot produced by the exhaust. This soot is then burnt off at…

20 Jun, 18

Stop-Start Car Battery Technology: Clear Up The Confusion

Start-Stop Technology

When it comes to stop-start technology, it’s essential that you know this system requires specific equipment, particularly more powerful batteries.   If you are a driver of a stop-start vehicle and you’re under the impression that the system can run off the typical lead acid batteries, then keep reading and find out why these batteries are not suitable.   What Is The Stop-Start System? The name of this particular piece of technology pretty much sums up its function; your engine…

08 Jun, 18

Maintain These 6 Fluids To Keep Your Vehicle In Good Condition!

Maintain Car Fluids

It’s inevitable that you’ll build an attachment with your vehicle, whether it’s from all the quality drives or the fact that you’ve splashed a lot of cash on it… so it makes sense to provide your trusty companion with regular maintenance!   This includes delivering a little TLC to the fluids that play vital roles in your vehicle. By neglecting these fluids, you run the risk of them becoming contaminated and not carrying out their role efficiently. After a long…

30 May, 18

The New MOT Rules That Are Now In Effect!

MOT Rule Changes

So what’s new in the motoring world? Oh, nothing much… just that the mandatory MOT test that your vehicle has to go through is getting tougher to pass. Unfortunately, our vehicles may have it hard even after they pass the test…sounds like a real nightmare right?   So what are they exactly doing? Well, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) made the changes to the MOT effective on the 20th May 2018, with some revisions including a new category…

04 May, 18

Oil Change: 6 Ways To Tell If Your Car Needs One!

When Can You Tell Your Car Needs An Oil Replacement?

Often overlooked by some vehicle owners, getting your car’s oil changed is an easy, simple service, but it’s arguably one of the most important parts of vehicle maintenance. The oil in your car’s engine acts as a cooling agent and lubricant for its moving parts, preventing the parts from rubbing together and becoming damaged due to friction. Engine oil also acts as a filter, removing sludge and varnish from your car’s internal workings. When the oil gets older, it loses…

11 Apr, 18

How To: Change The Air Filter In Your Car

Change The Air Filter Yourself

How Often Should You Change The Air Filter? An air filter does what it says on the tin, it filters out any dust and dirt from the air supply so that only clean air enters the engine.   When deciding how often you should change your air filter, be sure to consider a few factors, such as how many miles your car has driven, and in what environment you drive your car in. For example, if you often drive on…

05 Apr, 18

Spotting The Signs Of Common Suspension Problems

Common Suspension Issues

Roads nowadays have endless imperfections, so making sure your suspension is in tip-top condition is essential. If your suspension is working well, your journey when driving should be a smooth one, but if you feel every bump in the road, then it’s possible there’s something not quite right.   If any of the following symptoms of a suspension problem seem familiar to you, be sure to acknowledge that something may not be right and get it fixed as soon as…

12 Mar, 18

Bad Driving Habits That May Leave A Dent In Your Wallet

Bad Driving Habits

Bad Driving Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Vehicle Seat adjusted, hands at the 10 and 2 position on the wheel and mirror-signal-maneuver. Sound familiar? Regardless of whether you are an experienced or an inexperienced driver, you may find that the bad driving habits you once promised your instructor you would avoid, seemed to find their way into your routine. As we all know, bad habits are hard to break… but could you be damaging your car with these simple…

23 Dec, 17

Dashboard Warning Lights – What Do They Mean?

Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard Warning Light On? Modern cars are packed with sensors, monitoring the behaviour of the vehicle and improving our driving experience. When something goes wrong, a warning light will illuminate on the dashboard, alerting us to the problem. It's important to know what the car dashboard warning lights mean because they can pre-empt a car breakdown, potentially saving you from a lot of inconvenience and expensive repair bills.   Ignoring the warning lights could lead to a full-on failure, causing…

17 Dec, 17

Common Turbocharger Problems

Turbo Rebuilds

Common Faults & Our Services Our experienced team of engineers have been helping vehicle owners from around the world with their turbo problems for many years. Often a turbocharger will give clues that it is failing, it is important to recognise these signs and act fast. Ignoring the signs can result in further damage to the turbocharger and other components, increasing the cost of repairs.   If your turbocharger has failed, we offer turbo repairs for a full range of…