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30 Jan, 19

How To Prevent Car Doors From Freezing Shut

Think of this scenario, you've just about managed to drag yourself out of bed and get dressed for the freezing weather. You make your way towards your car and attempt to unlock the doors, only to find they're frozen shut. How frustrating!  Well, there are a few quick ways to prevent this from happening or to fix it if it does, so you don't have to worry about not being able to get into your car. Here are 4 tips…

29 Jan, 19

Car Trouble Starting In The Cold?

Winter can be a difficult season to get through. Especially because of those cold, dark mornings where it's too painful to slip out from under your duvet, that hesitant peek you take out of your window to ensure it hasn't snowed and do not even get us started on car-related issues! Unfortunately, various car troubles tend to crop up when the temperature starts to drop and unlike us humans, our vehicle's cannot layer up during winter. Essentially, cold and damp…

28 Jan, 19

Common Sat Nav Signal Issues and How to Fix Them

How to Fix Common Sat Nav Issues

Satellite navigation systems are extremely important, especially for those who like to travel to new places or for the poor souls who have a very bad sense of direction. Funny stories about sat nav blunders are everywhere and most are hilarious until it happens to you. For example, these 2 travellers were trying to get to Capri but mistakenly typed “Carpi” into their sat nav and ended up 400 miles off Capri… What a nightmare! Of course, in this incident,…

18 Jan, 19

Common ABS Control Module Problems

How to Fix ABS Module Issues

The ABS (anti-lock braking system) control module is equipped with microprocessors capable of handling real-time data signals and interpreting the exact moment a vehicle loses handling/traction. The ABS unit can determine when to apply/release braking pressure and to which wheels, in order to prevent the wheel from locking up or skidding. A great number of accidents can be caused by vehicles that either don't have ABS or suffer from ABS-related issues.  According to the NHTSA, “in a few years, all…

16 Jan, 19

Common Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions

Car Air Con

An Air Conditioning checkup is frequently overlooked by car owners because they tend to prioritize the engine and other essential components’ maintenance. As they ignore the developing issues of their air conditioners, it ends up coming back on them in the form of hefty fees that need paying, on parts and labour to get it repaired/replaced. Most of the things that cause aircon failures in vehicles develop over time, so it's not common to notice sudden issues. But if you're…

15 Jan, 19

Five Indications of Tyre Wear

Tyre Tread Indicator

This may come as a surprise to you, but most road accidents are caused by unsafe tyres. Considering that tyres are the most important component of any vehicle, many owners tend to overlook their maintenance and upkeep. According to new research, 10,766 Britons were handed endorsements for being caught with defective tyres fitted to their car in 2016. That’s a lot of people neglecting a simple maintenance check! Essentially, regular tyre checks are just as important as making sure your…

28 Sep, 18

Engine Coolant Guide

How To: Maintain Engine Coolant

Your vehicle requires a number of certain fluids to keep it running smoothly, a few examples being engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid and one we will be focusing on in this article: engine coolant.   If you want to discover what fluids you need to regularly maintain for your vehicle to remain healthy, check out our article: Maintain These 6 Fluids To Keep Your Vehicle In Good Condition!   What Does Engine Coolant Do & Why Is It…

21 Aug, 18

How To: Replace Your Turbocharger

Guide On Replacing Your Turbocharger

If you’re a car fanatic who is always on the lookout on how to try and either upgrade or repair your vehicle yourself, replacing your turbocharger might have crossed your mind. Whether it’s a voluntary upgrade or a necessary repair, if you find that you feel confident enough to undergo the process, then read the steps below on replacing a turbocharger!   Before we begin though, if you are replacing your turbo because there is something wrong with it or…

03 Aug, 18

Automotive Evolution: Modern Car Faults

Modern Car Faults

Before OBD I It’s safe to say we have come a long way in terms of technology; the rapid developments in the automotive industry and the increased complexity of cars have definitely updated the requirements of becoming a mechanic. Back in the 1980’s, you were a brilliant mechanic if you knew all the ins and outs of a vehicle. There were no electrical systems you had to worry about, only the knowledge of being able to find and fix any…

26 Jul, 18

Engine Oil: A Complete Guide

Guide On Engine Oil

Why Is Engine Oil Important? There are many reasons why engine oil is essential, some of the main ones are mentioned below:   Prevents Friction In The Engine Engine oil to your engine is like how blood is to your body, if anything goes wrong with it or it doesn’t flow properly, your body will suffer, as will your vehicle if the engine if you don’t use a suitable and quality oil. If you think about your engine without proper…