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10 car air conditioning tips to get the best from your system

The air conditioning unit in your car should do more than just keep you cool in the summer. It provides year-round benefits, such as keeping your cabin at the optimal temperature, eliminating condensation, speeding up the demisting process, and more. Maintaining your system means following a regular car air conditioning service schedule.

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Tip 1: Whenever possible, use the auto function or climate control

If your air conditioner has an automatic or climate control function, press the button and let it do its job. Switch it off and forget about it. This intelligent component employs sensors to determine what is going on inside and make necessary adjustments. It regulates the fans and temperature settings to ensure that your car is at the optimal temperature and makes the necessary changes as quickly and easily as possible.

Tip 2: Do not turn on your car air conditioning at full blast the moment you get in your car

It’s tempting and seems natural, but it’s not the best way to cool down your car upon entry. You’ll just be moving the existing hot air around your car at high speed before the compressor can start cooling it. Begin with a low setting and gradually increase it as the air temperature drops.

Tip 3: Use the lowest temperature setting possible

The air conditioning in your car cools the air to a preset temperature (38°F or 3°C). If you want your car to be a little warmer, use the coldest setting but reduce the fan speed. The trick here is that in order to achieve a higher temperature, your car’s air conditioning must use more fuel and processes to heat the chilled air back up! Reduce the fan speed, and the cold air is distributed more slowly, resulting in temperature balance without the extra work.

Tip 4 – Ensure that your cabin filter is clean

Without proper airflow, your car’s air conditioner may have to work much harder to achieve the same result. Not only is it inefficient, but it also means paying for an air conditioning recharge before you should. Paying your car air conditioning recharge cost less frequently will save you money in the long run. Having your A/C serviced entails both replacing filters and simply topping off your car’s air conditioning gas.

Tip 5: Do not pre-cool your vehicle before driving

When your car engine is working hard, your air conditioner performs best. When your engine is not just idling, the compressor runs faster and is more efficient. Driving allows the A/C to reach the optimal temperature faster and more efficiently than sitting in the driveway.

Tip 6 – Help your car air conditioning by rolling down the windows

When it’s really hot, crank up the fan and open the rear windows for a minute. The fans then force the hot air out of your vehicle’s cabin.

However, keep the front windows closed. If the air from the front of the car escapes, the air in the back will remain hot and stagnant.

Tip 7 – The truth about the recirculate button

When you press the recirculation button in your car, your air conditioner will only move the existing hot air around the vehicle. Turn it off while it introduces fresh, cold air from your compressor. Turn on the recirculate feature once the cabin has been adequately cooled. It will chill less fresh air by utilising what is already cool inside the cabin.

Aside from that, using the recirculate option while the A/C is running is a good idea. If you notice the windows misting up, turn them off for a few moments. This will allow dry air from outside to enter the vehicle and help with condensation. The same thing happens if you slightly open the windows.

Tip 8: Aim the jets at the roof rather than at yourself

If the jets are aimed at the car’s roof, the cold air will be distributed more evenly and quickly. This effectively cools the car, keeping everyone comfortable—not just the driver.

Tip 9 – Think about how you use the stop/start function

Although stop/start is intended to save fuel in congested areas, it will reduce the effectiveness of your car’s air conditioning. Because the compressor is linked to your engine, when the engine shuts down, so does your A/C.

Tip 10 – Turn off your air conditioner properly

When you arrive at your destination, turn off the car air conditioning before turning off the engine. If you keep the fan running, the evaporator and surrounding components will be cleared. This will encourage less moss growth and the development of bacteria. You’ll not only avoid some unpleasant odours and potential respiratory issues, but you’ll also help the unit last longer.

Car air conditioning maintenance

Your car’s air conditioning is another component that, with a little care and attention, will provide you with years of reliable service. All units will eventually require coolant gas refilling. If you’re a reasonably competent home mechanic, it’s not a difficult job, and a car air conditioning recharge kit can help you save some money.

Booking an air conditioning repair with us couldn’t be easier—we’ll pick up your car from your house and return it to you once the work is finished. As a result, you’ll be without your car for even less time than you anticipated. How useful is that? Visit Sinpeed in London right away!

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