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Escape the Lockout: Effective Tips and Tricks to Retrieve Keys from Your Locked Car

Nobody enjoys being locked out of their car or experiencing a high. These unplanned situations only occur when you have somewhere to be or depart. Whether you’re racing to a last-minute meeting or have a crucial doctor’s appointment. Anyhow, finding out you locked the doors and your car keys and opted to stay there might cause a moment of worry and confusion. But don’t worry; this article outlines several strategies for getting your keys out of a locked car.

Locked car

We are aware of the difficulty and tension involved in removing the keys from a locked car.
Make sure you experiment with the various methods listed below. Some may be more difficult than others and some may call for a specific tool. And if all else fails, you may always call for expert assistance.
A word of caution: If someone is stuck inside the car, it would be wise to call the emergency services, a car service shop, or roadside help because the DIY procedures listed below may take some time, and it’s always preferable to be proactive in such situations.
Let’s start with the fundamentals and check to see whether you are locked out of the automobile. Many times, as we have seen, individuals become so frazzled that they neglect to look for alternative, more obvious entrances to the vehicle.

The first tip – Make sure you are locked out

Let’s first be sure there is an issue before we start troubleshooting it. I’m here to remind you to do the obvious tests since the easiest remedy is frequently the one that gets neglected.


Although most drivers won’t admit it, we frequently aren’t aware of the other doors’ capabilities. The same is true of me; I typically just check the driver’s door while locking. To get into an automobile without too many problems, it is a good idea to check all the doors.


There are more entrances to the car beside the door. In some specific automobile models, the trunk and the interior are merely split by a panel rather than being physically separated. By moving the panel inside, you may access the car’s back seat through the trunk.
When you read the other tips on how to unlock a locked car, this approach will appear much simpler.

Tips & Tricks for Unlocking a Locked Car to Get Your Keys

1. Using an app to access the locked car

Nowadays’ autos often feature a manufacturer’s app or car companion app that can be downloaded to save the day thanks to the development of contemporary vehicles and technology.
Since they assist with more than just unlocking the automobile, it is usually preferable to have such software downloaded, registered, and operational in case of any form of malfunction.
Popular brands including myChevrolet, Toyota App, NissanConnect, and MySubaru have lockout applications available.

2. Making Use of a Rope, Shoelace, or String

Making the most of your resources is crucial in situations where you have to make desperate attempts. Whatever you have on hand, such as a shoelace, a thin rope, or even a piece of string, can be used for this particular DIY tip.
It is important to remember that this sort of scam will only work if you have post-locks before we continue with the complete procedure.
If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the sort of lock that locks when you push down and unlocks when you pull up. The process of making a knot with the string will now begin.

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The rope only has to be able to slide in between the door and the frame. Make a loop anywhere in the middle of the string of your choice, keeping in mind that we don’t want a tight knot but rather a slip knot with a loop in the centre. Pulling on both ends of the thread allows you to change the size of the loop in this knot.
It’s time to unlock the door now that you have the thread, rope, or shoelace with a slip knot in the middle. The same string may be used to slide farther into the door by sliding it in a floss-like motion between the frame and the door. Pull both ends of the string to tighten it once it reaches the point where the loop may rest on the lock. Pull the lock upward as it fully grasps the lock. And presto, the doors are now unlocked.

3. Coat hanger

When attempting to remove the locked keys from the automobile, it’s OK if you don’t immediately have access to a rope or string.
Our second-most popular method for unlocking a locked car is to use a coat hanger. Three distinct techniques will be covered, two of which can be used to open post locks and one of which can open push/slide locks.
You’ve probably seen at least one movie where the hero uses a coat hanger to open a door without any difficulty. They make it seem simple, but it’s not wholly impossible. Finding a wire hanger would be the first step, which is rather simple if you’re at home. In other circumstances, you can borrow one from a local laundromat, but bear in mind that you would have to take the hangar apart.
The first strategy is quite simple to implement and is similar to the last advice we discussed. Straighten the hanger to make the hook into a dagger-like form. The hanger should be inserted through the gap between the door and the frame with the hook going in first. Once the hook is fastened to the lock, pull it in your direction before pulling upward to provide the grip required to open it.

And there it is—the solution to all your problems!

Making a slim jim is another method for unlocking the post lock and removing the keys from the locked car.
It is not as simple as the procedure described before, and if done incorrectly, it might potentially do some damage. Detangling the hanger and shaping the hook into a “V” are the identical first procedures each time.
The following step is where things change; now, we place the hanger between the window and the weatherstripping instead of between the frame and the door. Make sure the hook is towards the inside while you’re doing this.
Find the area where you can see the lock being adjusted once the hanger is inside the area. Pull the hanger upward to move the lock to the “unlock” position once you’ve located the proper location.
Keep in mind that you will need to try this several times before you are ready to get the keys.
You may still use the hanger if your locks are slide/push your locks are slide/push. You may still use the hanger. The procedures are rather similar, and opening this kind of lock is considerably simpler. Once the hanger is straightened out, bend one end and place bends throughout the hanger’s length to make it easier to move the locks. Locate the lock by sliding the hanger between the door and the frame. Ask someone to lead you through the other window if you are unable to see it. The automobile may now be unlocked by sliding or depressing the lock.

4. Wedge

In the first two ways to unlock a locked car, we managed via the little space between the door and the frame using a metal hanger or a rope. However, it might not be as simple as it appears, and anyway, we risk damaging the automobile by scratching the paint.
Purchasing an inflatable wedge kit could be a smart choice if you’re not too keen on continuing the process. It is a useful approach to create enough room between the door and the jamb so that a probe, rod, or another tool may be inserted easily to unlock the automobile. This method is also known as “auto entry tools.”
The plan is to place a wedge between the door and frame, then use the kit to inflate it. You may utilise the probe tool to complete the task after the necessary space is present.
The only downside is that it may be pricey.

5. Plastic Strip

Here is another method to unlock the post locks. If you have looked at all of the methods above and are still unsure of how to get keys out of a locked car.
We would want a long, thin plastic strip that, when folded, could easily fit between the door and the door frame for this method.
The concept, according to which the folded loop should grab the lock, is identical to what we used in the shoelace/rope technique. Pull it upward and towards you once you’re certain you have the hold to hear the “click.” Additionally, the door is unlocked.
I acknowledge that this approach is not very effective, but you never know what could work at the time.

6. Picking the Lock

We have locked our keys in the car and need to get out, so while ‘picking the lock’ might not seem like the ideal course of action, it is what we have to do. However, as we are not trained lock pickers, we would require the right equipment and skills to do the task.
Today’s high-tech vehicles are far more difficult to choose than a vehicle from the 1990s.
Wafer-based locks are susceptible to being scraped, rocked, jiggled, pin picked, etc. However, if you’re unsure of your lock-picking skills, don’t attempt to open the lock. If you damage or break the lock, you may have to pay more for repairs; however, you might simply avoid this by asking for help or a locksmith.

7. Request help

It is always a smart choice to contact for assistance if everything else fails.
If your engine is still running and you are unable to leave the car alone out of concern for a break-in, you should phone a police officer in the vicinity. Additionally, it is preferable to call the police right away if an animal or someone is trapped inside the vehicle. If you feel threatened by remaining outside, or if there is any other reason to do so.
If you have AAA, the second option for “unlocking” help is accessible. Even locksmith services are available to Classic Plus subscribers for a fee. They also offer towing services if nothing else works. You can speak with any roadside help provider.
Calling a locksmith for assistance is the best course of action in this kind of circumstance.
Of course, the kind of service you receive depends on the business you choose. But in any case, it generally just takes a few seconds to unlock the car safely.
It happens to the best of us, so don’t be alarmed. Congratulations if you were able to extract the keys from the car.
To avoid having to go through the same agony again. It is usually a good idea to keep a spare key somewhere accessible.
I hope this was instructive and useful. If you have any fresh information about how to get keys out of a locked car, please leave a comment.

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