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How To: Replace Your Car’s Exhaust System

how to change my car exhaustYour car’s exhaust system is more than just the visible parts of your car, like the exhaust pipe but is an intricate system of compartments and pipes that extend to all over your car, beginning with the car engine and ending at the exhaust pipe at the back of the vehicle. The five components of this system are the exhaust manifold, oxygen sensor, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter and a silencer which are normally found in modern vehicles today. And as this system continues to work day by day, chances are it will be needed to be replaced at some point in time.

There are a few signs that your car’s exhaust system may need to be replaced. First, fumes that can be smelled in the passenger’s compartment can indicate a faulty exhaust system. Hissing noises and popping sounds and a decrease in fuel efficiency are clear signs that your exhaust system is not functioning as it should. Now if you have identified any of these signs in your car, it is good to learn how to replace the exhaust system on your own.


Before replacing your exhaust system, there are a few pieces of equipment you will need to get ready to properly change your system. You will need the following:

what are the parts of the car exhaust system-six-pointed sockets (10mm through 19mm)
-a floor jack
-new bolts and nuts (which will be needed to reassemble your new exhaust)
-penetrating oil
-a replacement bolt-on exhaust system
-rubber exhaust hangers
-safety glasses
-four safety jack stands


Step One: Purchase your new exhaust.

It is suggested that you buy a bolt-on exhaust system fitting for your type of vehicle, normally these come with their own gaskets, bolts and hangers. However, if they don’t come with them, you may purchase these items in your local car shop or from your car dealer.


Step Two: Park and raise your car on a flat surface.

Be sure that your car is parked on a flat road and is turned off. Using a floor jack and the safety jacks to lift the car by placing the four jacks under the vehicle. After doing this, spritz all the nuts and bolts and give it time to soak in for at least five minutes.


Step Three: Detach your car muffler.

Check the back portion of your vehicle and use your six point sockets and ratchet to take out your car’s muffler. There are two bolts that should be unfastened to take off your muffler, after doing this, slip it off the muffling hangers and separate the muffle from the bottom of your car.


Step Four: Unfasten the catalytic converter of your car.

This can be done by unbolting the middle part of the exhaust system to take out your catalytic converter, an external lip may be attaching your converter to your vehicle as well so it can be detached properly. When this is separated from your exhaust, set it aside for later.


Step Five: Remove and replace your old rubber hangers.

Simply slip off the old hangers at the bottom of your vehicle. Place your new middle pipe ring onto the new rubber hangers after placing your new ones on.


Step Six: Fasten your flange and tighten every bolt.

A flange is a car part that fixes the middle pipe ring to the car’s muffler, the flange can be tightened using your hands. Then, tighten the bolts of each flange to ensure that they are hanging against the rubber hangers. When fastening the bolts back, be sure that they are not pressed down too hard against any of the car’s hardware. Take your time twisting or shaking these bolts to get them into their proper places.


Step Seven: Make sure you did your work correctly.

Start your car while your vehicle is still in the air by the car jacks to hear the new exhaust system. Check the system of any exhaust gases escaping through the flanges of the car and inspect the bottom of your car of any leaks as well.


Step Eight: Send your car back to the ground.

If you see none of the above-mentioned problems in your vehicle, you may turn your vehicle back off and use your floor jack to easily take off the car jacks to lower your car back down. Then, take your newly repaired vehicle on a test drive to further check if there was anything wrong with the work you’d done on your car.


To some, this may be a long and tedious procedure, and if you aren’t sure of yourself or just don’t feel like replacing an entire exhaust system on your own, you can book your car here at Sinspeed.

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