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How to Take Care of Your Car AC: Prep Your Car for Summers

The sun is out, the summer mode is on, the white sheets of snow and flowers have passed, and we have yet again experienced the wonder of nature. However, several safety measures must be taken when dealing with intense heat. There are a set of maintenance techniques we use for anything else, from standard SPF 50 to hydration to overheated electronics. Your car is no different since it requires various tips and maintenance during sunny weather.
In our last post, we mentioned a few ideas and tactics to keep the car AC at optimal efficiency.
In this post, we’ll look at a few crucial upkeep and repair steps the air conditioner system has to take to guarantee peak efficiency in warm weather.
Almost all makes and models of vehicles now include air conditioning, making it one of the most crucial accessories in modern automobiles. Despite its widespread use, the majority of automobile owners are still ignorant of how to maintain and operate their vehicles. Here are some procedures you may put into practice to learn how to maintain the A/C in your automobile and make use of cold air during the hot summers.
Let’s get started!

1. Keep things shut

To keep the cabin as cool as possible when driving with the A/C off, many people try to open the car windows. However, it will only reduce the effectiveness of the air conditioning system. You would incur long-term costs because the system would need more fuel and coolant as a result of the additional stress you would be placed on it. And it won’t even make the temperature much cooler in any sense!

2. Recharge often

Just like other automobile components, your air conditioner system likewise relies on a particular sort of fluid. If you don’t take care of the fluid level, you may meet various complications, including inefficiency. Coolants, also referred to as refrigerants, work to cool the air before distributing it throughout the vehicle. Your air conditioning system won’t operate well if that is low.
It may be time for a refrigerant recharge if you find that your air conditioner system is not blowing air as effectively as it once was. Possibly every two to three years is the suggested recharge interval, but see your manuals for additional details. Additionally, if the refrigerant is running out too quickly, you may want to check the system for leaks. If you continue to ignore this, it may lead to other problems and a greater repair charge.

Car AC

3. Completely clean it

Long periods of inactivity for your air conditioner system might result in the accumulation of moisture and mould.
It would also result in ineffective working. Vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning often will assist prevent the buildup of dirt and debris. Additionally, if you disregard the cleaning plan, odour and a terrible smell will be there each time you turn on the system.

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To guarantee optimum performance, you should also routinely change the filter. The filter should be changed approximately every 12,000 miles since dust and debris frequently block systems.
Due to dust and debris that can enter your air filter and clog your system, it is advised that you change your air filter every 12,000 miles or so. Before reinstalling it, make sure it is thoroughly dry.
It is advised against trying to change or clean filters on your own. Choose a skilled air conditioner installer for a lot better performance.

4. Examine the Compressor

One of the most crucial parts of the air conditioning system is the compressor. If you want cold air to blast out of the vents, a working compressor is a need. It is not always simple to spot a problem with the compressor immediately away, though. Since there are so many moving components all around the compressor, wear and tear is tough to experience.
Make careful to choose the repair as soon as you notice the symptoms.

5. Every week, turn on your air conditioning

Every week, it’s crucial to switch on the air conditioning and let it run for around 10 minutes. The best way to maintain the gas pressure is to set the temperature to the coldest setting and the fan to the fastest speed. This handy trick holds the compressor as well as lowers the likelihood of a mechanical problem.
You may also run the automobile air conditioning system on the defrost setting for 10 minutes once a week to avoid any accumulation of moisture and dew. You’ll discover that the air is now cleaner and more pleasant.

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6. Service Programme

Following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule is crucial since it will guarantee that all required maintenance are performed. A qualified individual will take care of the recharge, replacement, or repair of any component or leak and will also give you suggestions on how to handle problems more effectively.
Regular maintenance can help you stay out of any unexpected breakdowns, which will keep you out of the hot heat on a warm afternoon.
A standard A/C inspection includes:

  • Inspection of the gas’s temperature replacement for leaks and damage
  • Examining the air filter
  • Cleaning the air conditioning system
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