15 Feb, 19

Steps On How To Change A Headlight Bulb

How to replace headlight bulbHeadlight bulb replacement is a task that every car owner should learn to do. Not only will it save you the hassle of having to take your vehicle to a mechanic, but it’s also a cheaper alternative. It may not seem like the most useful thing to learn, but you’ll be thanking us when one of your headlight bulbs dies and you need a quick fix. Driving without working headlights is evidently not very safe for yourself and pedestrians, but also if you’re caught with the fault, you could get pulled over by the police. In this scenario, you may be warned by the police and given a ‘vehicle defect rectification notice’, where you will have 14 days to fix your fault and provide proof of the repair to the police.

To avoid these repercussions, we’ve provided you with an easy to follow step-by-step guide for changing a headlight bulb on your own, so you can get the job done as soon as possible.


Step One: Pinpoint the bulb type for your vehicle.
Identifying the correct kind of bulb and wattage for your vehicle is essential when looking to replace a worn out bulb. You may refer to your car manual for this information, or you can utilise online bulb finders which simply requires you to input your car model if you can’t find your manual or you own a second-hand vehicle.


Step Two: Be certain your car brakes are on and the ignition is turned off.
This is quite self-explanatory. Ensure that your parking brake is on and your car is off, regardless of whether you are changing the bulb on a gradient or not.


Step Three: Open the bonnet.
Remember to stabilise it with a strut before going in to release the power connector from behind the headlight you would like to fix.


Step Four: Detach the dust cover.
It is yet another cover behind the headlight you plan on fixing, so you will need to unfasten it to reveal the small bulb.


Step Five: Remove the bulb.
Some cars contain clips that keep the bulb in place. If your vehicle has one, hold down the clip to take out your bulb. When taking out the bulb, hold onto the housing of the bulb to remove it without touching the light of the bulb or tugging too roughly. The bulb might take a few jiggles to properly get it out.


Step Six: Clean your new bulb.
Before inserting your brand new bulb in, wipe it down with an alcohol wipe, as this prevents there from being any dust or fingerprints on your new bulb.


Step Seven: Insert your new bulb.
Slide your bulb into the empty socket carefully and make sure that it is securely in before locking it back into its place, closing your dust cover and fastening the power connector back in.


Step Eight: Check to make sure your new bulb is working correctly.

To test your new bulb, try turning on your headlights to be sure that both the bulb and the connector are working properly. If it does, then you can close the hood and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. However, if it doesn’t work, check back with the connector and bulb to make sure they have both been properly inserted. It is an incredibly easy-to-do procedure that anyone who wants to save time and money can carry out on their own. If you have any additional queries or are confused about any of the given instructions, you may always check your car manual again or consult us at Sinspeed.

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