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What You Should Know About Sunroofs & Common Issues

Many car owners appreciate sunroof because it allows them to admire the sights on a sunny day or catch some fresh air while driving. But some issues can arise with sunroofs, just like they are with any other component of your car. To ensure that you can maintain the state of your sunroof. We’ve assembled all the information you want about them and common problems.

How does a sunroof operate and what is it?


Typical Sunroof structure

Let’s start by discussing the components of a standard sunroof system. The existing roof panel of a car is changed out for one that has an opening section. That may be opened in warm weather and is often made of glass or metal. The driver or passenger(s) within the automobile can access outdoor sights. Without getting out of their seats thanks to hinges that are attached to the opening section’s edges. To make it simple for consumers to open and close their roofs manually or remotely. Power systems such as motors and switches are also incorporated in the majority of current cars.

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Setup Problem with the Sunroofs

The Sunroof Setup

After discussing the fundamentals of how these systems operate, let’s move on to various problems you might experience with your sunroof configuration.

Leaking that results from either incorrect installation or poor maintenance over time (especially if they’re not regularly cleaned) is one of the most common concerns among drivers. Another problem you might encounter is when seals stop working properly, allowing water to enter interior spaces like headliners and side panels where it could later cause expensive damage if left unattended. Electrical components malfunctioning, such as buttons needing repair after years of use, are other examples of this.

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Last but not least, depending on your type of vehicle make/model year (as well as climate), occasionally jamming between moving parts caused by extreme temperatures outside should also be taken into consideration because this could potentially create safety hazards when travelling around town during hot summer months, etc.

Sunroof Tips

Here are some helpful hints from our professionals at Acton Service Centre to aid in preventing any significant troubleshooting issues down the road:

  • Before leaving for a long distance, occasionally check below the hood area near where the windscreen joins the frame to make sure all seals surrounding sealants are still correctly sealed throughout each season change.
  • Regularly remove dirt accumulation from the two outer edge seams next to the front and back doors using a soft cloth that has been softly dampened so that dirt doesn’t fly back over your face after cleaning.
  • Even though cost savings initially seem like an appealing proposition, long-term return investments rarely pay themselves back within anticipated timelines, so you should think about spending more money upfront to buy higher quality materials rather than cheap plastic ones in the hopes that performance will remain the same over extended periods.
  • Try to replace the entire unit, if possible, every five years (or sooner, depending on usage frequency!) Replworn-out components one at a time rather than depending entirely on band-aid fixes. Fixing the issue momentarily may later necessitate major repairs, particularly if the motor has already sustained damage that is beyond what can be repaired.
  • Finally, always remember to have fun when driving. Open-air experience building roof installations safely and professionally, following established laws and regulations, and living in a place where doing anything else could get you in problems with the law—no joy for anyone concerned… So remember to strap up, keep safe, and never worry about your loved ones, family, or friends when driving.


1) What Is The Price To Install A Sunroof On A Car?

The installation fee ranges from 650 to 3000 pounds in the UK. The type of sunroofs fitted and the extent of the installation work determine the ultimate cost. Pop-up sunroofs are relatively inexpensive, whereas panoramic ones are more expensive.

Can the glass on the sunroofs be replaced?

Yes, you can replace the glass in a sunroof with the help of an expert, such as an auto glass technician. To purchase a new glass, one must first bring the old one into the workshop where they will be given specs based on the type, size, and other unique characteristics.

The labour costs dependent on the intricacy of the glass replacement will be included in the final price.

3. Can The Sunroof Be Replaced With A Regular Roof?

The sunroof can be replaced with a conventional roof, but this requires quality equipment and metallurgical expertise. The rooftop where the sunroof originally stood must be covered with a sealed top panel that is constructed and welded. Apply the proper headliners after that and continue driving the non-sunroof vehicle.

The finished product must be flawless and impossible to tell apart from a sunroof automobile.

Q4: Is a Car Sunroof Good or Bad?

Everyone has a different opinion about whether a car’s sunroof is a good or bad feature. People who have trouble maintaining the sunroof are likely to leave a bad review. Others could appreciate their panoramic glass’s stunning vistas, but ease of maintenance would provide for a better experience.

One should make their own decisions because it is fully up to them.

Q5: A sunroof can be installed in a car, but is it safe?

Ans Yes, however, there are situations when it can compromise the vehicle’s structural integrity. The car’s roof, which gives the structure rigidity, is an essential component of the vehicle. A glass sunroof that was added aftermarket can weaken the frame and call for further bracing.


A well-qualified auto glass mechanic can simply install sunroofs, which is a great addition to any old automobile. The advantages of a sunroof can completely change the inside of a car and give it a new atmosphere.

To increase the experience and provide plenty of openness, one can utilise their old automobile as a camper or embark on a road trip with sunroofs. By raising the selling price and lowering the upfront expenditures, they also provide a large amount of value.

Although automobile sunroof maintenance may initially appear intimidating, using the mentioned advice will help make the whole process more manageable.

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