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Alfa Romeo DPF Removal Service

Alfa Romeo DPF Filter RemovalAlfa Romeo DPF Problems + Our Permanent DPF Solution
Many Alfa Romeo’s are equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) which are integrated into the exhaust systems of newer vehicles to trap and remove Diesel Particulate Matter or Soot from diesel exhaust gasses. When the engine burns diesel, the residue is smoke and in the smoke, there are tiny particles of soot and ash which the filter traps. When it is blocked with soot and ash, regeneration is the procedure of cleaning itself. For a regeneration to work you have to drive along a motorway at 40-50mph for around 15-20 miles – how long it takes can depend on how blocked the filter is.

The aim of this process is to remove 80% of diesel particulate soot (emissions), however, over time, this becomes inefficient and problematic as the filter blocks up and cannot clean itself via regeneration. You will then experience power losses as the pressure builds up in the exhaust by the trapped gasses as they try to escape from the next weakest point i.e the turbocharger seals or EGR valve.

Symptoms Of A blocked DPF On My Alfa Romeo
If your Alfa Romeo comes with a DPF system in place, and you live in a city like London for example, it is more likely for your filter to get blocked up quicker, due to the constant stop & starts.

Below is a list of the most common initial symptoms of a Blocked DPF Filter with a table of the most common fault codes:

  • DPF Warning Light On
  • Limp Mode / Loss Of Power
  • Engine Management Light On (EML / MIL)
  • Glow Plug Light Flashing
  • Poor Fuel Consumption
MakeDTC Fault CodeDTC Description
Alfa RomeoP2002- Particle Filter Bank 1: Malfunction
Alfa RomeoP2003- Particulate Trap Efficiency Below Threshold
Alfa RomeoP242F- Diesel Particular Filter Restriction
Alfa RomeoP2452- Particulate Matter Trap Differential Pressure Sensor Circuit
Alfa RomeoP2453- Diesel Particle Filter Differential Pressure Sensor: Implausible Signal
Alfa RomeoP2463- Diesel Particle Filter: Excessive Soot Accumulation

The issues mentioned above would suggest a DPF failure and in some cases, the vehicle can become completely immobile due to excess blockage and build up of exhaust back pressure. If not dealt with when the initial faults start coming up, it can go on to cause further problems such as:

  • Injector Faults
  • EGR Faults
  • Engine Faults
  • Turbocharger Faults
  • Oil Contamination

These faults can go on to cost in the region of £1000+ to repair, which sometimes make it more cost effective to get rid of the vehicle due to the overall cost of repairs, therefore, it is always recommended to deal with the problem as soon as it appears to prevent any further damage to your vehicle.

My Alfa Romeo Has a Blocked DPF – What Are My Options?
If you find that your Alfa Romeo has any of the above faults, you have 2 immediate options:

  • DPF Replacement Filters – Cheap copy filters are known to block up very quickly and genuine replacements are extremely expensive and only come with a 12-month warranty, which does not cover you if the filter blocks up unless you can prove the blockage is due to a defective filter unit.
  • Sinspeed Complete DPF Removal Session – We offer a completely bespoke 4 Stage DPF Removal Service which involves the physical removal of the filter from the exhaust system, whilst also deactivating the complete DPF system from the vehicle ECU. The Regeneration processes are also canceled out and we carry a full smoke-correction service which is bespoke to Sinspeed, to provide you with the most extensive and complete service nationwide. Not only this, all Sinspeed DPF Removal Sessions come with Lifetime warranty for your complete peace of mind!

What Are The Benefits Of A Sinspeed DPF Removal Session?
Once the DPF filter has been completely removed professionally by Sinspeed, an immediate increase in power and performance are just some of the improvements you will experience straight away, as well as sharper throttle response!

Below you will find a list of the key benefits that you can expect from a Sinspeed DPF Removal Session:

  • Increased Power & Performance
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Sharper Throttle Response
  • Increased Life Expectancy Of Turbocharger
  • Increased Life Expectancy Of Engine
  • Increased Life Expectancy Of Injectors
  • No More Limp Mode / Loss Of Power
  • No More Warning Lights On The Dashboard
  • No More Annoying Regenerations!!
  • Lifetime Warranty

With no filter in place, there is no longer any strain or pressure on the turbocharger and engine, allowing them to work more efficiently with improved power. Not only this but, as the regeneration cycle is completely cancelled out, injectors are no longer required to squirt diesel at longer durations or higher pressures (as required in the regeneration cycles), which increases the life of the injectors as well.

Below we have compiled a short list of vehicles we can carry out a DPF Removal on. This is not a complete list as new vehicles are being added to our systems on a daily basis if you’re vehicle is not listed or you’re unsure then please call us on 0203 815 9441.

Alfa Romeo1471.9JTD M-Jet
Alfa Romeo1591.9JTD M-Jet
Alfa Romeo1592.0JTDM
Alfa Romeo1592.0JTD M-Jet
Alfa Romeo1592.4JTD M-Jet
Alfa Romeo1662.4JTD M-Jet
Alfa RomeoBrera2.0JTD M-Jet
Alfa RomeoBrera2.4JTD M-Jet
Alfa RomeoGiulietta1.6JTD M-Jet
Alfa RomeoGiulietta2.0JTD M-Jet
Alfa RomeoGiulietta2.0JTDM
Alfa RomeoGT2.0JTD M-Jet
Alfa RomeoMiTo1.3JTD M-Jet
Alfa RomeoMiTo1.6JTD M-Jet
Alfa RomeoSpider2.4JTD M-Jet

Will DPF Removal Cause Me To Fail An MOT?
From February 2014 the law is changing to include the visual inspection of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) during your MOT inspection. Although our DPF Removals are very discreet and our smoke-correction ensures the vehicle won’t smoke come MOT time, we are offering our DPF Removal sessions as an “Off-Road Use Only” service.

For further information regarding a DPF removal for your Alfa Romeo, give us a call today on 0203 815 9441.

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10 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo DPF Removal Service
  • I have an Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 JTD and AA have diagnosed an issue with DPF which needs replacing. Can you give me an idea of the cost and turnaround of doing this. My postcode is NR1* *** (nr Norwich) UK

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the enquiry and many apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

      I have just sent over an email with full pricing and information regarding a DPF removal for your Alfa Romeo.

      Kind Regards


  • Hi guys i have a 159 my dpf regenerates very often as i drive to milton keynes every day constant stop start and the cycle dosent compkete how can i avoid this very embarrassing event every day thanks

    • Hi Grant

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      We have sent you an email, please respond with a postal code for a customised quotation.

      Kind Regards


  • I have Alfa Romeo 1.3 Diesel. DPF is blocked. I live in Swindon. How much would this cost me please?

    Thank you.



    • Hi Oye

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      I have sent you an email with full information and pricing.

      Kind Regards


  • hi. thinking of buying a 159 1.9 jtdm, would really consider the dpf removal, how much please.
    im in redditch.

    • Hi John

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      I have sent you an email with full pricing and information relating to our DPF Removal service in Redditch.

      Kind Regards


  • Hi,

    I have a 159 1.9 jtdm 150bhp. How much for dpf removal inc software delete. Am based in west london,

    Thank you

    • Hi James

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      I have sent you an email with full information and pricing.

      Kind Regards


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