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Alfa Romeo MiTo EPS Electric Power Steering Column Repairs

Alfa Romeo Mito Electric Power Steering Column ProblemsAlfa Romeo Mito Electric Power Steering Column
The EPS column on the Alfa Romeo Mito has been known to be a common failing part, even though the earlier conventional hydraulic power steering system were replaced with the new electric steering column to reduce the number of problems. While the new design is quieter and has improved fuel economy as well as a noticable difference in handling and steering refinement, it is still known to be a common failure, and usually still ends up failing, resulting in the need for either a repair or a replacement.

Alfa Romeo Electric Steering Column FaultsAlfa Romeo Mito Electric Steering Column – Common Faults
Some indications of a faulty Electric Power Steering column include intermittent faults where the steering light is illuminated on the dashboard but then disappears itself, and in this time, the steering can become heavy in either one or both directions. If the issue is not diagnosed early enough, it can cause the power steering column to fail completely which will result in the steering light remaining permanently illuminated on the dashboard with completely heavy steering and no power assistance. These columns can be extremely expensive to replace, costing anywhere in the excess of £800 + VAT (plus labour + coding), therefore, it is always advised that a full diagnosis is carried out to ensure that parts are not replaced unnecessarily.

If you take your vehicle to a local garage, they will connect diagnostic machine through the OBD port, and below are some of the most common fault codes that could appear from the Power Steering Module:

C1001 – Rear Left External Sensor
C1002 – Steering Column Torque Position

As mentioned above, the costs of replacing your Electric Steering Column can be very expensive especially if you go to the main dealer, and it will only come with a limited 12 Month Warranty. Other options can include opting for a second-hand unit which works out a lot cheaper, however, this can be a riskier option as you will not be aware of the previous vehicles mileage or how well it was maintained. This will generally only come with a 30-90 day limited warranty and there will not be any guarantee that it will last longer than this.

How can Sinspeed help me if my Alfa Romeo Mito Electric Steering Column Is Faulty
Here at Sinspeed, we have remanufactured units in stock as a direct replacement that will come with a Lifetime warranty and which will not require coding and are set to self-calibrate when fitted to the vehicle. We generally attempt to repair your own unit, and we do this using only genuine OEM components when rebuilding your Electric Steering Column, to ensure that it meets & exceeds OE specifications. All our repaired and exchanged electric steering columns will come with Lifetime warranty and will require no coding.

If you have a problem with your Alfa Romeo Mito Electric Steering Column, give Sinspeed a call today on 0203 815 9441 for a quote!

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  • Hi I live in S.A I have a 2009 mito. Witch seems like it’s starting the same problem with the power steering. Do you maby know where I can take my car in Johannesburg S.a . I hadn’t it at alfa and they want 17000 Rand to replace. Please let me know . Clint

    • Hi Clinton

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      I have sent you an email with full information and pricing.

      Kind Regards


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