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Chrysler 300C 3.0 CRD Electronic Turbo Actuator Repairs

Chrysler 300C Turbo Actuator ProblemsChrysler 300C Electronic Turbo Actuator Faults
The Chrysler 300C with the 3.0 diesel engine manufactured between 2005 – 2011 comes fitted with an electronic turbo actuator. The electronic actuator is controlled by the Engine ECU and with correct tuning it can be adjusted to improve the power, performance and economy of the vehicle. However, the electric actuator is a very common failing part and can also negatively impact the power and economy of the vehicle when it starts to fail.

One of the most common faults related to the electronic actuator on this vehicle is how it can make the engine hesitate and judder under acceleration. Below is a small list of common symptoms found related to a faulty electronic turbo actuator.

  • Loss of power under acceleration
  • Intermittent loss of power under acceleration
  • Smoking on acceleration
  • Fault codes pointing to turbo actuator
  • “Charge Air Pressure Control” fault
  • Actuator arm not moving

If your Chrysler 300C turbo actuator has failed, you would be quoted in excess of £3000 for a replacement turbocharger and actuator as a combined unit. Used parts are not advised because this is such a common fault, the used one would be waiting to fail and will only come with a limited 30-90 day warranty. Below is a short list of part numbers relating to the affected models of Chrysler 300C electronic turbo actuators.

Common Part NumbersCommon Part Numbers

Chrysler Electronic Turbo Actuator RepairChrysler 300C Electronic Turbo Actuator Repair – By Sinspeed
We can fully rebuild the electronic turbo actuator fitted to your Chrysler 300C and use new genuine OEM components when rebuilding the actuator to ensure it meets & exceeds OE specifications. All repaired actuators are returned with a Lifetime warranty and will not require any coding when refitting.

Professional diagnosis & fitting services available.

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