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Honda Civic i-Shift Clutch Actuator + Gear Actuator Repairs

Honda Civic i-Shift Clutch + Gear Actuators

Honda Civic I Shift Clutch Actuator Rebuilds
Modern Honda Civics are available with the optional Semi-Automatic gearbox which is equipped with I-Shift technology. This is basically a manual gearbox that is controlled electronically by an electronic clutch actuator, gearbox actuator, and a gearbox ECU. These gearboxes are known to suffer transmission faults. Although this is a very problematic system, it is not always the same part that fails. We’re able to test and repair all three parts – the clutch actuator, gear actuator and the gearbox ECU.

Common Clutch Actuator / Gearbox Actuator Problems

Some of the most common issues found with the Honda Civic I-Shift gearbox are listed below:

  • Selecting Wrong Gears
  • Won’t Rev in Reverse
  • Gears Won’t Select
  • Going in & out of Auto Mode
  • ECU Logging Clutch Actuator Faults
  • ECU Logging Gear Actuator Faults
  • P0810 Clutch Position Control Error

If you find that either of the actuators are faulty and have researched the repair solutions available, you will find that a new clutch & gear actuator will cost in the region of £750 – £950 + VAT + Labour and then extra costs will be added if the unit requires coding / calibration. These are usually available directly from the dealer and will only come with a 12-month warranty, however if you manage to purchase second-hand part, these will usually be cheaper, but will only come with a limited warranty (normally 30-90 days) and will also require programming.

Sinspeed Clutch / Gearbox Actuator Repairs

Honda Civic I Shift Gearbox Actuator Rebuilds
Here at Sinspeed, we are able to fully test & repair the clutch and gearbox actuators for the Honda Civic I-Shift vehicles. When rebuilding the clutch & gearbox actuators only genuine OEM components are used to ensure that each rebuilt actuator is rebuilt to meet and exceed OE specifications. If it is your own unit that we are repairing, this will not require programming either and you will also be happy to know that all our repaired clutch and gearbox actuators will come with a Lifetime Warranty.
We also offer a professional fitting service if required.
If you have a Semi-Automatic (I-Shift) Honda Civic and are experiencing transmission problems that are related to either the clutch actuator or Gearbox actuator then call us today on 0203 815 9441 for a diagnosis or a free quote!

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