23 Jul, 14

Alfa Romeo 147 Dashboard Instrument Cluster Problems + Repairs

Alfa Romeo 147 Instrument Cluster FaultsThe Alfa Romeo 147 pre-facelift model from 2000-2004 came factory fitted with a VDO instrument cluster / speedometer unit. This type of dash instrument cluster is a very common failure and the way it fails can vary significantly. Below are just some of the common symptoms our customers are facing with a faulty Alfa Romeo 147 Instrument Cluster.

Common Instrument Cluster / Dashboard Problems

  • Backlight Illumination Failure
  • Backlight Flickers
  • Speedo / Rev Counter Fault
  • Gauges Stop Working
  • LCD Pixelated or Not Working
  • Intermittent Power Loss
  • Complete Power Failure

Common Part Numbers: 110008953015, 110008953022

Above are just some of the common faults found with this type of instrument cluster unit. The VDO unit can be a very expensive part to replace when replacing with a new part and used second-hand part will be cheaper but there is no guarantee as to how long that will last. Both a new and a used part will need reprogramming to match your vehicles VIN and Mileage details, which is an additional cost.

Our Instrument Cluster Repair Service
We’re able to fully test, repair & remanufacture all dashboard speedometers / instrument cluster units. We use new genuine OEM parts when rebuilding instrument clusters and uprated parts where possible to ensure that each and every rebuilt cluster repair meets & exceeds OE specifications.

We’re able to retain the coding, VIN and mileage details when repairing speedo’s to ensure a fully plug & play service. When you get the repaired unit back, simply plug it in and away you go!

We also offer a professional diagnosis and fitting service if required.

If you have an Alfa Romeo 147 with a faulty instrument cluster and would like a price to repair the unit, give us a call on 0203 815 9441.

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