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Alfa Romeo Turbo Repair & Rebuild Services

Alfa Romeo Turbo Charger RebuildsTurbochargers serve as an additional component which is added to the engine, to harness waste gasses to provide an increase of power to the car. A failed turbocharger does not necessarily mean a loss of power or excessive smoke, but the symptoms described below could be an indication of a failed turbocharger, and if treated earlier on, the repair bills can work out to be much more affordable than if left to get worse.

Common symptoms of a failed Alfa Romeo Turbocharger

  • Oil leaking into the inlet
  • Oil leaking into the outlet
  • Play in the impeller shaft
  • White / blue smoke
  • Noisy bearing / whining noise
  • Loss of power & no kick-down
  • Excessive black smoke
  • Limp Mode (restricted performance)
  • Engine light on (EML / MIL)

Any of the above symptoms will more than likely be due to a failing turbocharger, and as mentioned above, if you continue to drive the vehicle whilst it is damaged, the repairs will only become more expensive.

Here at Sinspeed, we carry most turbochargers in stock and we also offer a complete remanufacturing service to rebuild and repair your existing unit using genuine OE components that meet and exceed OEM specifications.

The application list below highlights the most common turbochargers that are found fitted to Alfa Romeo’s. If your part is not listed on here, don’t worry and just give us a call to confirm as this is only a list of the most common failing parts, and not a complete list!

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2 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo Turbo Repair & Rebuild Services
  • Hi im after a quote for a revuild on my alfa romeo turbo would you be able to help many thanks

    • Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for the enquiry and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

      We can definitely rebuild the Turbo on your Alfa Romeo, and it comes with a 2-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

      We’ve sent you an email over now with full pricing and information.

      Kind Regards


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