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BMW 1 Series E87 CAS2 Immobiliser Repair

BMW CAS2 Immobiliser Module TestingBMW 1 Series CAS2 Repairs
The BMW 1 series has a well known problem with the CAS2 Immobiliser system. The Immobiliser box can malfunction and cause starting issues. The Immobiliser box is most commonly located on the drivers side behind the pocket and a separate transponder near the key barrel / module.

If you’re experiencing problems with the BMW 1 Series Immobiliser system then you may already be aware how expensive this type of fault can become. Most workshops are quick to recommend replacing the module because they are not able to repair them. It’s not possible to replace the Immobiliser module with a used part because they are coded and locked to the vehicle so the common option is for a new unit which is a main dealer only part and not available on the aftermarket route. A new unit will be very expensive and will require coding and locking to the vehicle for it to become fully functional.

We offer an exclusive Immobiliser module repair service whereby we will repair your existing unit back to it’s original condition and the unit will not require any expensive coding or locking when fitting back to the vehicle.

Common Immobiliser Module Faults

  • Immobiliser Fault Codes
  • Vehicle Won’t Start
  • Key Not Recognised

BMW 1 Series CAS2 Immobiliser Module Repairs – By Sinspeed
Our team of highly skilled technicians are able to fully bench test and repair your immobiliser module. Using new genuine OEM components and uprated components where possible, we’re able to ensure all units are repaired to meet & exceed OE specifications. All remanufactured units are returned with our Lifetime warranty for complete piece of mind.

If you have a BMW 1 Series with a CAS2 Immobiliser fault, give us a call today.

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  • Hi… I Have A BMW 1 series 56 Reg…
    Won’t start… Cas Module
    Could you give me a price to fix please, thank you

    • Hi Ola

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      I have sent you an email with full information and pricing.

      Kind Regards


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