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BMW 5 Series Electronic Turbo Actuator Repairs

BMW Turbocharger Actuator RepairsBMW 5 Series Electronic Turbo Actuator Faults
The electronic turbo actuator is designed to accurately control the output of the turbocharger and has proven to be much more efficient than older vacuum controlled actuators. The electronic actuator is controlled by the Engine ECU and the parameters can be adjusted electronically to make very precise changes which can help improve the power and efficiency of the vehicle – by reducing turbo spool time and increasing boost pressure.

Failure of the electronic turbo actuator is extremely common and we now carry some of the most common failing part numbers in stock. Below we have compiled a short list of part numbers we’re seeing frequently in our workshops.

Common Part NumbersCommon Part Numbers

Common BMW Turbo Actuator Problems
Often a faulty turbo actuator can be mis-diagnosed as a faulty boost pressure sensor. This is an extremely common failing part and below are some of the most common failure symptoms we see on an almost daily basis:

  • Loss of power under acceleration
  • Intermittent loss of power under acceleration
  • Smoking on acceleration
  • Fault codes pointing to turbo actuator
  • “Charge Air Pressure Control” fault
  • Actuator arm not moving

BMW Turbocharger Actuator RebuildsIf your vehicle has been diagnosed with a faulty turbocharger actuator then you may have been quoted a very high cost to replace the complete turbocharger as the actuator is not usually sold as a separate part. Used actuators are available in the market place but you have to ensure you’re matching up all the part numbers with your unit and the used part will only come with a limited 30-90 days warranty. Used parts also require coding when fitting to your vehicle which is an additional cost and the used part may not last long at all because this is such a common failing part.

BMW 5 Series Electronic Turbo Actuator Repairs – By Sinspeed
We have an isolated testing environment used to fully bench test electronic turbo actuators. We can fully bench test, strip down and inspect all units to a component level and we do this before and after repairs to ensure they are fully functional before being returned to the customer. We use new genuine OEM components when rebuilding an actuator and where possible we up rate components to further strengthen the unit and eliminate any known weaknesses. All remanufactured turbo actuators are returned with a Lifetime warranty and will not require coding when refitting to the vehicle.

Professional diagnosis & fitting services available.

Below is a table of vehicles we have found fitted with this type of turbo actuator unit fitted. Even if you’re vehicle is not listed, we may still be able to offer a test and repair for it so get in touch by calling 0203 815 9441.

MakeModelEngine SizeFuel
BMW520D (E60)2.0DDiesel
BMW530D (E60)3.0DDiesel
BMW520D (E61)2.0DDiesel
BMW530D (E61)3.0DDiesel

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  • Good afternoon. I need a part with the reference 135 – 19613 K006T50172 7Z10 for the BMW 520d of the year 2008, so I want to know the price.
    Well there
    Pedro Favas

    • Hello Pedro

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      We have sent you an email with full information and pricing.

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  • Hello,

    I need an electrical actuator for my BMW 525d 2005 plate.

    If you have this in stock can you please provide me with a price?

    With regards,

    • Hi Jay

      Thanks for the enquiry,

      I have sent you an email with full information and pricing for the 2005 BMW 525D Turbo Actuator Repair.

      Kind Regards


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