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BMW 3 Series (E46) Power Steering Problems – Pumps & Racks

BMW E46 Steering IssuesIs your BMW leaking power steering oil? Or does it suffer from loss of Power / Heavy Steering? If so, this could be due to a faulty Power Steering Rack or Pump.

The BMW 3 Series (E46) is a fully hydraulic steering system consisting of a Power Steering Pump, Power Steering Rack and Power Steering Hoses. You will find that some of the common issues that are experienced are similar for both the Power Steering Racks and Pumps, therefore a thorough diagnosis is always recommended before sending in for repair.

Common BMW E46 Power Steering Pump Failures

Some of the most common BMW Power Steering Pump and Power Steering Rack failures are listed below:

  • Whining
  • Heavy Steering (Either Way)
  • Leaking / Loss of Oil
  • Loss of Power (When Idling)
  • Loss of Power (When Idling & Whilst Revving)

Common BMW 3 Series Power Steering Rack Failures

  • Excessive Play in Steering Wheel
  • Excessive Play in Track-Rod Arms
  • Loss of Power (When Idling & Whilst Revving)
  • Leaking / Loss of Oil
  • Heavy Steering (Either way)
  • Heavy Steering (One-Way)
  • Knocking From Steering

When rebuilding the steering parts, we use new genuine OEM steering components to ensure each and every power steering repair meets & exceeds OE specifications, and we also keep some of the more common failing steering parts in stock as well as offer repairs of your own unit with a 2 year warranty.

If you’re experiencing power steering problems on your BMW E46 but are unsure as to which part is causing the power steering problem, give us a call on 0203 815 9441 and we would be happy to assist you. We offer free impartial advice and also offer professional diagnostic and fitting services in our workshop.

Below is a BMW E46 power steering application list showing you some of the common vehicles we have in our workshop with power steering faults.

BMW 316i (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 318ci (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 318d 265NM (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 318d 280NM (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 318i (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 320d (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 320i (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 323ci (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 325i (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 328i (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 330d (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 330i (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW M3 (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW M3 CSL (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW M3 GTR (E46)£POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
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4 thoughts on “BMW 3 Series (E46) Power Steering Problems – Pumps & Racks
  • Hi Jason,
    Have you had any experience of temperature-related ‘sticky steering’ on early E85 model Z4 ? My 2003 2.5 Roadster has been diagnosed by BMW as having a faulty EPS control module (which is bolted on top of the servo motor on the column assembly. ) I am not 100% convinced that this is the actual reason – and the dealer wants £2,780 to replace the entire column assy. Is there a more cost effective fix ?

    Kind regards,
    Mike Carter,

    • Hello Mike,

      Thank you for your enquiry, and many apologies for the delay in our response.

      An email has been sent to you now with pricing and further information regarding the repair of your BMW Power Steering Column.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi there I have a 320i bmw e90 and the power steering went very heavy, local garage said pump had failed has couldn’t see any bubbles/froth in reservoir when cycling steering, replaced pump and issue still there so they went ahead and replaced steering rack and blew out all hoses and issue still there, could you assist please is there anything obvious they are failing to check has frustrating.

    Thanks Rob

    • Hello Rob

      Thanks for getting in touch,

      We have sent you an email with full details and pricing.

      Kind Regards


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