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BMW Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve / EGR Delete Service

EGR Removal / EGR Delete SessionBMW EGR Valve Faults + Problems
The EGR valve is designed to recirculate exhaust gasses into the engine to be re-burnt before exiting into the atmosphere. Although this concept is great for reducing vehicle emissions, it can cause all sorts of problems over time as carbon begins building up inside the inlet manifold and engine. Carbon build-up around the engine valves can over time decrease the power output of the engine, increase the emissions and cause smoking problems.

Diesel BMW’s are notorious for their EGR valve failures. Bypassing the EGR valve was a common solution on early models, however, modern engines are now a lot more sophisticated and the engine ECU can tell when you bypass / blank off the EGR and will bring up fault codes, warning lights and even put the vehicle into “limp mode” to restrict the performance.

When the EGR fails on a BMW you can expect some of the following symptoms:

  • Smoke on Acceleration
  • Fluttering On Acceleration
  • Loss of Power
  • Missfire
  • EGR Flap Position Sensor Faults

Replacing the EGR valve can be very expensive but may not necessarily fix the problem long term. The EGR is designed to recirculate exhaust gasses and so naturally the valve will over time, get built up with carbon and become sticky, which can then begin causing problems. So if you are replacing the EGR valve for an expensive new unit, we would recommend removing and cleaning it thoroughly with every other service to maintain it.

The alternative option is to delete the EGR valve from the engine ECU and by doing so we can program the EGR to remain shut at all times, effectively blanking it off so it does not recirculate any exhaust gasses into the inlet / engine. By programming the EGR to remain shut at all times, we can avoid having any fault codes, warning lights or “Limp Mode” problems as the ECU will be expecting the EGR to be closed at all times anyway.

EGR Valve Blocked Up - EGR RemovalBMW EGR Delete Services – By Sinspeed
We offer a safe and completely bespoke EGR Delete service whereby we de-activate the EGR valve system completely. We log into your vehicle’s on-board engine management system via the ECU and switch off the EGR valve to stay closed at all times and stop recirculating all the exhaust gasses and clogging up your engine. When done correctly you will not experience any warning lights on the dash, no fault codes being logged and no loss of power – because the ECU will accept our EGR deactivation and will not look to register anything more from the EGR system.

Below we have compiled a list of BMW’s we currently offer the EGR delete service for. If your vehicle is not listed below, please contact us to confirm whether or not it is one we can offer an EGR delete for.

BMW1 Series116D (2.0D)
BMW1 Series118D (2.0D)
BMW1 Series120D (2.0D)
BMW1 Series123D (2.0D)
BMW1 Series123D M (2.0D)
BMW1 Series125D (2.0D)
BMW2 Series225D (2.0D)
BMW3 Series316D (2.0D)
BMW3 Series318D (2.0D)
BMW3 Series320D (2.0D)
BMW3 Series325D (2.0D)
BMW3 Series325D (3.0D)
BMW3 Series325D GT (2.0D)
BMW3 Series330D (3.0D)
BMW3 Series330D GT (3.0D)
BMW3 Series335D (3.0D)
BMW3 Series335D GT (3.0D)
BMW4 Series425D (2.0D)
BMW4 Series430D (3.0D)
BMW4 Series435D (3.0D)
BMW5 Series520D (2.0D)
BMW5 Series525D (2.0D)
BMW5 Series525D (2.5D)
BMW5 Series525D (3.0D)
BMW5 Series530D (3.0D)
BMW5 Series530D GT (3.0D)
BMW5 Series535D (3.0D)
BMW5 Series535D GT (3.0D)
BMW5 Series550D M (3.0D)
BMW6 Series635D (3.0D)
BMW6 Series640D (3.0D)
BMW7 Series730D (3.0D)
BMW7 Series740D (3.0D)
BMW7 Series740D (3.9D)
BMW7 Series745D (4.4D)
BMW7 Series750D (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX1 sDrive18d (2.0D)
BMWX SeriesX1 sDrive20d (2.0D)
BMWX SeriesX1 xDrive18d (2.0D)
BMWX SeriesX1 xDrive20d (2.0D)
BMWX SeriesX1 xDrive23d (2.0D)
BMWX SeriesX3 20d (2.0D)
BMWX SeriesX3 30d (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX3 30sd (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX3 35d (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX3 sDrive18d (2.0D)
BMWX SeriesX3 xDrive18d (2.0D)
BMWX SeriesX3 xDrive20d (2.0D)
BMWX SeriesX3 xDrive30d (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX3 xDrive35d (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX4 30d (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX5 30d (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX5 30sd (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX5 xDrive30d (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX5 xDrive35d (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX5 xDrive40d (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX6 30d (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX6 xDrive30d (3.0D)
BMWX SeriesX6 xDrive35d (3.0D)

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  • Can the egr cause my x3 3.0 diesel to idle for 10min in the morning and then stall and start back up for 3s the die again please help

    • Hi George

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  • Hi. I have 730d ( 62 plate ) and i whant to Remap first stage and delere the EGR valve. Also is there anything else you’d Recommend for performance and Efficiency Improvements ?

    • Hello Alin

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      We have sent you an email with full details and pricing.

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